Tuesday, July 31

Cricket weather forecast site!

Thanks to Craig for spotting this. There's now a website which offers customised cricket weather forecasts! The link is below and I've added it to the list on the right, it's stupendous!

Put in our postcode (BL8), start time of 14, end time of 19 and the date, and it'll tell you what to expect. Apparently this week will favour swing bowling. Come on Asif!

Dickie P - Orgasmic Moments Await

weekend selection

1st XI vs Failsworth at home, meet ground 1pm

If anyone can get down in the morning to help me, Dickie and Russ, it would be appreciated!

Paul (c), Scunners, Russ, Asif, Dickie P, Craig, Dasher, Pete (w/k), Nick Hud, Matt Hunt, Nick Flecture(!)
12thers: Rowdy Yates

New date for 20/20

Hi folks,

We have a new date for the 20/20 competition. We've been assigned to Sunday August 12th at Woodbank. The third team in the group is expected to be Edgworth. Unfortunately the 2nd team is playing that day and we may also have first teamers missing so it could be a bit threadbare!

Friday, July 27

all the best

All the best clive, have a good one fella!


Just like add my congrats Clive i hope you and your lady have a great day.

The Big Moment ...

The TSJ BlogSquad can now bring you exclusive footage of the moment that Cliff did the decent thing and went down on bended knee ... (image courtesy SeniorParky Productions)

cliff on bended knee

Thursday, July 26

Hear Hear

or here here?? no, I won't get started on that; just to echo Doc P's blog as I shall be mid-Atlantic come Saturday afternoon, but there in spirit. All the best folks - hope it's a great day.
May all your punctuation mistakes be small ones and if you ever have a fence which needs painting........

Good luck Clive and Rachel!

I trust you all will join me in wishing Clive and Rachel all the best for their wedding on Saturday - may the sun shine and Clive smile!

I've known Clive for almost 31 years, since he and I were 4, and in all that time ... he's not changed a bit. Speaking from a club perspective, Clive IS TSJCC, and has been almost singlehandedly responsible for keeping the ground and club in order for many years - it's safe to say that without Clive, and his ilk, our club would probably no longer be around; so on that score we owe him a huge debt of thanks. Until you realise just how much work goes into getting the ground ready week in and week out, and see the volumes of correspondence Clive deals with on a weekly basis, it's hard to fathom just how much effort, time and love he's put into our club.

So, hats off to you Clive. I hope Saturday is a wonderful day for you, old friend!

Wednesday, July 18

2nd Team Selection

For Saturday 21st July at Home against Thornham.

M. Jones
S. Hunter
M. Ainscoe
G. Fletcher
M. Hunt
G. Jebb (J)
G. Jebb (S)
P. McManus
D. Moriarty
A. Smith
P. Yates

Res: T. Proudlove

Scorer: M. McManus

Meet at ground 1pm.

Please refer all comments about typographical errors to my spelling guru Phil ' the word' Yates!?!

1st XI for weekend

vs Elton Vale (away), meet ground 1.30pm (unless you're involved in Clive's wedding rehearsal, in which case get your arse there as fast as possible ... Russ ;-))

Ash (c), Pete (w/k), Paul, Kieran, Nelly, Duncan, Dickie P, Russ, Asif, Craig, Nick Fletcher (late replacement for N. Flecture)

12th man: Chadders
Unlucky for some: Matt H

Monday, July 16


Hi Ducky,

Delightful picture - the joys of fatherhood!

Yes Jebby Snr's return has provided us with some great moments, not least a selection meeting recently when Ash, Jonsy, Shunter and me were trying to weigh up the tricky final spot in the team based on a whole range of criteria, one of which was numbers of heart attacks (with apologies to those concerned, we weren't laughing at the issue, just at how ridiculous selection processes can sometimes be!!) ;-)

We also have Jebby Jnr, who possesses the largest feet in the club!


Yeah graham Jebb Snr is back in action for the 2's. currently holds seasons best bowling figures of 3 for 5 on saturday.

what's up boys and girls

Hi all

Hope everyone doing good!! Is Clive a married man yet?? if so congrats, if not you can still change your mind buddy. looks like you have had some good wins when it's not raining. it's been 90 degrees here for the past three weeks and not seen any rain. Still not found anywhere to play cricket over here so I started a softball team with some guys at work. So I'm still keeping my eye in it's pretty cool to hit a home run but still nothing compared to hitting the leather with the good old willow over the boundary ( unless your rowdy and cannot get it off the square ) Are things that I'm reading true G Jebb Snr making a come back, has he got 2 new knees and the trained worm working. The picture is Clarissa ( if you couldn't tell ) shes doing great speak to you all soon from across the pond and enjoy the cricket. Ducky

Sunday, July 15

Another spelling error by Rowdy

Its Moriarty not Morriarty lol!

Friday, July 13

loving it

so, which university did Rowdy go to?? Actually, which Primary school did he go to????

Mopping Up

Can we try and get as many people down in the morning
to try and get the square and outfield fit to play.

Thursday, July 12

Calling MR Ainscoe ...

I hope you're getting all this down! I LOVE this club!

Sorry Nick

I am putting the blame firmly on Micky J, i'm sure i asked him for a spell check. But whats ia a name.

For God Sake Rooowdy

I do hope you are having a little joke when spelling the old man's and my surname.

it's FLETCHER not Flecture!

Thank you i just had to get that off my chest, i let it go the first time!

Wednesday, July 11

2nd Team Sat at East Lancs

G JEBB (Jnr)
G JEBB (Snr)


Saturday teams

Anyone going to blog the confirmed weekend teams?

1sts at home v ELPM, 2nds at ELPM

As far as I can recall, the 1sts is:

Ash (c), Paul, Clive, Russ, Kieran, Nelly, Pete, Asif, Dickie P, Rowdy and Duncan

2nds was provisionally:

Mike J, Shunter, Mike A, Smiffy, Matt H, Phil Mc, Dan Mozzer, Jebby Jnr, Jebby Snr, Graham F and Jamie Lloyd res: T Proudlove

Tuesday, July 10


Mike tells me i'm playing for the firsts, can anybody pick me up on saturday please.

Sunday, July 8


A genuinely great game yesterday, and a fantastic time at the Man Yuen - cheers to Duncan for arranging it and also to Dickie P and Micky J for two all-time hall of fame remarks. Dickie told us that apparently 99% of all the world's glass is made in either France or (dramatic pause) Turkey, and Micky followed up the recent St John's/St John/St Johns discussion by telling us of the existence of an "Apostrophe Preservation Society". Shunter, Leslie and I were all ears. I googled it and he's right ... ;-).

Well done also Gill Parkinson for eating ... everything - where does she put it? Bonus marks for the 1st team skipper for his Calvin Klein T-shirt and designer stubble. A career in the revival of New Kids on the Block awaits!

Thursday, July 5

100 Club Standing Order Mandates

Hi everyone, this is a message from Duncan.

Please can all players who have not yet done so complete their new 100 club standing order mandates and return them to Duncan (1sts) or Micky J (2nds) this weekend. Ideally with extras for a "friend" too! Your club is relying on the support.

Also a reminder that there's a club outing to the Man Yuen after Saturday's fixtures, hopefully a lot can make it!

Wednesday, July 4

Election Time!

You watched as his elder brother, Alan, ran the country in the 90s. Now it's his turn, and he's cheesier than you could ever imagine ...


1st Team Selection

Rochdale Catholic Club - Home - Meet 1pm at ground

Ash, Doc, CDO, Scunners, Nelly, Russ, Pete,
Duncan, Asif, Dasher, Clive.

12th Man Craig Parky

Tuesday, July 3

Lepers? Olive?

Just for the CDO, here's a link to the lyrics for Toto's seminal hit "Africa"


I don't think anyone's scratched any of the letters out there ... (all will be revealed)

In a remote location ...

Graham Fletcher is constructing us a new means of transportation to the weekend's games ... it's suggested that in the conditions, we turn up in pairs!

TSJ ark

Monday, July 2


then maybe St John (or his representative) should be on the selection comittee. perhaps he could persuade Asif to play in the first team??? good idea eh??

Sunday, July 1

It looks like ...

Census and genealogy records suggest that the church name is the church of St John, Tottington, thus if the club belongs to the church then we are - Tottington St John's with an apostrophe before the s!