Friday, September 28

Boxing Day Info!!

Chaps, a message form Kieran. The Boxing Day effort starts NOW!!

BOXING DAY - Programme sponsorship / advertising opportunities - speak to your boss! Speak to yourself! 1/2 page £50 full page £80.

BOXING DAY - Programme distribution - £1.50 each. Each member of TSJCC will be given 20 programmes to sell - no returns = £30.

BOXING DAY - Programme distribution - members will be asked to help with door to door 'foot' sales last 3 weeks in December.

BOXING DAY - Posters are available - please ask Kieran.

BOXING DAY - players availability - see Kieran.


Monday, September 24

Trans Peak Challenge - Thanks

Well, we managed it, 26 long miles completed by the ELG team, of which i was on the course for 24 of them, really great day!!
More importantly in total the event raised just under £60,000 for the British Heart Foundation.
Thanks so much to those from TSJ who sponsored our team, in total we reached a team total of just over £3,500

Thursday, September 20

Trans Peak Challenge

Hello there,

This coming Sunday (23rd Sept) myself and 5 other ELG team mates will be taking part in the Trans Peak Challenge in aid of The British Heart Foundation.

The course is made up of 9 stages:

9km Run
11km Cycle
4.5km Cycle
4km Cycle
3.5km Run
3km Orienteering
3km Run
2.5km Orienteering
2.5km Orienteering

We must have 4 team members on the course at each stage, and all members on the course for the final stage so theres pretty much no let up all day!

As I mentioned, this is all in aid of The British Heart Foundation and our current sponsorship total stands at just over £3,000 so we've reached our origional target but we're now aiming to get past the £3,500 mark.

Any sponsorship would be greatly appreciated as its for such a worthy course! Please email any sponsorship details to


Monday, September 17

Car Boot - We Need You! 7am Sunday

Hi folks,

The 3rd TSJ Car Boot Sale is this Sunday, September 23rd, and we're hoping for/expecting a decent turn out of sellers and buyers! Please can as many TSJers as possible be down at the field from 7am Sunday to help out - with a few regular folks away, we really need you to chip in and not leave it to 1 or 2! There are cars to organise, money to collect, a BBQ and refreshments to sort. Remember that this is a potential moneyspinner for the club and if we do it right, we'll get people back next time!

Can anyone who can spare some time either leave a message here, or let me or Clive know asap! Ta!

Friday, September 14

2nd Team Averages

I will be doing them tonight and tomorrow. Just recieved the bowling figures from the chew moor brook game.


Thursday, September 13

Averages 2007 ...

For those waiting in fevered ancticipation for the averages, they've been done but are just being checked as we don't want a repeat of last year's discussions on the grounds of sanity.

Can I just check, Dan Mozzer, you did take 4 wickets this year, right? ;-)

Wednesday, September 12

cheers guys

thanks for posting those AMAZING photos. in the absence of keeping up with the newsletter this season they've brightened my day. questions:

1. Does Ricky 'the hitman' Hatton look shit scard next to Scott or what??
2. Matt Hunt - if it is you - you scared the f*ck out of me with that look. One to perfect as you run into bowl next season mate

Tuesday, September 11

Groundwork Saturday Sept 15th

Clive, Dickie P, CDO and myself will be down at the ground this coming Saturday, Sept 15th, to perform the annual groundwork, clearing out of pavilion, etc etc. All hands appreciated, the more we do this weekend the better, and the more who come down, the quicker it'll take. There will be folks down from 10.30 so please come along, even if you can only spare half an hour.

Monday, September 10


Scoop, you'll be impressed with some of the stories to come on Thursday. Can you get Ricky down to the football - bet you wouldn't kick lumps out of him would you? ;-)

It has been suggested that we do optional fancy dress for the curry night for those who might wish to continue onto Bury ... any takers? 3 or 4 so far!

Cowboys & Indians


Sounds (and looks) like it was a fantastic night on Saturday.

While you were entertaining Bury I was making new friends....

See you Thursday

Sunday, September 9

Cowboys and Indians

What a fantastic night we had on Sat, some brilliant outfits, terrific pub moments - Dusty Miller - again!!! How much did Bury love us? Those who didn't make the Two Tubs or, latterly, Chicagos, oh my word, you missed a hell of a night! Nelly B, I owe you one (several!) for the pleasant view ... ;-)

Friday, September 7

Car Boot Sale Flyers

Hi folks,

The new car boot sale flyers are available to download and print for anyone who would like to fire some off and distribute ahead of Sunday 23rd ... the link is on the right!

Thursday, September 6


Morning all

And so a new season of 5-a-side starts tonight. The teams are as follows:


Mick J
Phil M


Liams Mate (1)
Liams Mate (2)

See you all later - same place, same time.

Wednesday, September 5

1sts for sat away at Westleigh (meet at Robin Hood at 12.00 pm)

A. Parkinson, P. Meehan, P. Allen, C. Brooks, R. Brooks, N. Butterworth, K. Coe, N. Hudson, A. Iqbal, C. Parkinson, R. Peacock.

Please let Ashley know if you are going straight there.

2nds for sat home v Greenfield (meet at ground at 12.30 pm)

M. Jones, S. Hunter, G. Fletcher, N. Fletcher, M. Hunt, G. Jebb(Jnr), G. Jebb (Snr), P. McManus, D. Moriarty, A. Smith, P.Yates

Any Volunteers for Teas would be greatly appreciated!!

EGM Summary

Hi folks,

A very positive EGM last night, the upshot of which is as follows.

The new TSJ Chairman is Scott Parkinson, with Dasher Deegan stepping into the vacant Vice Chairman role.

The date for the curry night has now also been finally fixed as FRIDAY October 12th. There was a long discussion about whether the 5th or 12th was most suitable, whether indeed the 5th and 12th were Fridays or Saturdays, did the original post really mean the 6th and 13th if it was actually Saturday, and we had just about finally come to an agreement about Friday 12th when Dickie Peacock piped up "I can't do Saturday the 7th". Cue uproar!

Sunday, September 2

Bad News

Following Todays rained off fixture between Tsjcc 2nds and Elton III we have been relegated to the NMCL Division 4, ELPM II beat Failsworth Macedonia II yesterday

Saturday, September 1

Football Starts this Thurs!

Well that was one of the shortest games ever - 1sts bowled 7 man Blackley out for 17 this afternoon and knocked them off for 1 in 6 overs ... game over at 2.35!

Scott has asked me to remind anyone interested that our annual 5 a side extravaganza starts this coming Thursday, September 6th, at Castlebrook High School, 9-10pm. We're looking for a couple of new players, so if anyone's interested in joining in the fun please let me, Dickie or Scoop know asap (or at the EGM on Tuesday). The weekly cost is 4 pounds, all profits go into club funds of course, so it's not only a cracking hour, it helps the club!