Friday, January 19

Kieran's 40th

Just wait 'til you see Deb's costume!!!
Who remembers 'HOT GOSSIP'???
Newsletter 'in print' or beyond as we speak.

what can yer missus go as to Kieran's 40th do?

Thursday, January 18

Nelly Butt / Ronnie Irani

Folks, Stockty posted the link below on the NMCL forum site; it shows Ronnie Irani doing warm up exercises ... and being copied by the crowd. Reminded me very much of Nelly Butt loosening up to bowl and the imitations around the field! Enjoy ...

blah blah blah

Monkey fish sweater Drifters kaleidoscope ugandan
See - I can talk irrelevant rubbish too, Paul!

Wednesday, January 17

same old ...

CDO, it's because Google has bought Blogger, and existing Google logins work ... but only via a different interface!

new blog

sign in - new blogger account - password - old account - IF ITS NOT BROKEN DO NOT FIX IT!!!

Wednesday, January 10


Footy returns tomorrow (11th) at the usual time & venue. Teams are as follows:


Mike J


Mike A
Matt A
John (Matt A mate)

Any probs give me a ring 07799 868141.



Yet another very sad loss. Dennis was just finishing up when I started my time with the Johns, and he was an inspiration with his grumpy demeanour, harrassing of opponents and general competitiveness - alll in a very good way. Another fellow who will be sorely missed. His partnership with George Porter was always worth watching.

Tuesday, January 9

Dennis Stringfellow RIP

I have learned today of the passing of our former club stalwart Dennis Stringfellow last week. Dennis will be fondly remembered by many of us who played back in the eighties, and its fair to say his determination and skill on the pitch were up there with the best of our players both at the time and ever since. Dennis was also instrumental in forming the junior section at the club which at the time produced a good number of players who have played for the club over the years since.

Dennis's funeral will take place tomorrow (10th Jan) at Overdale crematorium - 10am

not fair

poor Clive - he does get a lot of flack.....

Art? Arf!


Continuing the chesty theme, maybe for your next project you could sculpt a worried-looking figure poring over some scorebooks and name it "A Complete Tit" ;-)

Happy New Year!

why not!?

You were making the model of your ideal woman - did you make the chest smaller/bigger/put it on her face or back? Come on Dickie - we need a pic of the aspirational model -
Just when I thought this year was getting tedious - up pops Dickie P!!!!!


Mine did not quite have the same Chest shape

Monday, January 8


...newsletter cover

Dickie P's Ideal Woman ...

For Christmas, we bought young James Peacock some playdough, which he really likes ... but apparently not as much as his dad, who (according to sources close at hand) "made his ideal woman" from the stuff.

In your honour Dickie P, check out the squishy bits on this!

Friday, January 5


This relates to the numbers sold by TSJCC - ie 0001 to 0500 - 1st Prize is a meal for two at the Bulls Head (after it re-opens on February 8th!) the rest are bottles of wine. We obviously only have the names of the representatives who sold the programmes - it is up to the representative to know who they sold the winning tickets to.
1st No 86 Sold by Russell Brooks
4th No 66 Sold by Mike Ainscoe
6th No 100 Sold by Russell Brooks
8th No 278 Sold by Scott Parkinson
9th No 150 Sold by Paul Meehan
10th No 169 Sold by Duncan Phillips
13th No 277 Sold by Scott Parkinson
15th No 417 Sold to 7 Beryl Avenue
16th No 276 Sold to Scott Parkinson

If the above people attend the committee meeting next Wednesday I can distribute prizes then. If not - please contact me (Mike I can drop off; 7 Beryl Avenue will be dropped off also)

Thursday, January 4


Head feeling cold, Paul? All this talk of hats.....

Great "expect"ations ...

You're still bitter aren't you!

On the subject of headwear, can we not have our last game next season to be played wearing a random assortment of headwear? I think it'd be hilarious if we had a policeman's hat, a diving helmet, maybe a baggy green, a top hat, flat cap ...

Nanook of the North

baggy definitely

If you can't beat em......
Can you keep the Bury Times piece for me, Nic?
NETS ARE BOOKED FOR FIRST THURSDAY IN APRIL 8-10pm (football finishes last Thursday in March) and run for 4 weeks - this will probably be 3 before and one after 1st game. We are in negotiations with Brox as to a pre-season friendly - will keep you posted...
Raffle - I have the numbers - but am discussing with Duncan tonight and will release with names tomorrow.
For all those concerned there will be a committee meeting next week - Clive will email you (might be Wednesday but don't quote me!)- quite a lot to discuss, so please can we get a good turn out? It is, after all, expected of us......

Caps....baggy or not?

It looks like 5-0 whitewash win for the baggy green bar stewards!!!
which brings me on to a question. I'm in needed of a new cap for the up and coming season and wondered if there was any plans for a new batch. If so what is the best style to go for? The baseball cap, the traditional cap or should we look south and go for the baggy look?
Personally the traditional looking cap for me but it would be interesting to get some opinions on the matter.

CDO- The Bury Times write up seem quite good with a pic of Dr P batting and well a pic of Dr Doom looking like he's just flown in from Siberia.

Wednesday, January 3

Raffles / Singapore Sling

Yes winners list published tomorrow - Browny has been asked for it.
Nic - have not seen Bury Times - was it a good write up? Can someone keep it to show me / keep for records - was it in BEN also?

raffle (2)

I too would like to know of raffle winning numbers if some kind soul could post up some info.
Thanking you.


Is there a list of raffle winners anywhere or any outstanding prizes? I have had a couple of people enquire if they won, but I don't know myself!

Mangetout Rodney, mangetout!

Just a quick note to say thanks to all those who turned up and played / watched on Boxing Day and to all the purchasers (and sellers!) of programmes. I thought the day went well - cheers all - and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 2

The Saga is Complete?

Just been sent the new and updated 2nd XI averages, they're online now. Blimey! Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose ... ;-)

Bury Times

Can I please apologise for Dr Doom wasting photo space in the Bury Times report on the Boxing day match up.

This will not encourage people to attend TSJCC matchs knowing he is going to be there. I will be fitting an extra blot to the door to prevent a repeat at future events!

Enjoyed the game........ when do the nets start, any chance of a early start this year?

Happy new year all!

Monday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Have a great 2007 everyone!