Thursday, July 31

It certainly is. But you were opening anyway ;-)
is it national orgasam day.
NO!! That was yesterday ... ;-) But a good try!
National Foreplay Day.
The first person who can post what National Day it is today can open the batting on Saturday ;-)

Oh yes!

Wednesday, July 30

1st XI selection for Saturday v Roch Cath Club (a)

Doc (c), Big Bird, Osama, Knightsthatsaylaters, Garvey Hudson, Nellie Butt, Big Ross Mc (tbc), Ducky (tbc), Dickie P, Icon Deegan, Young Jedi Ablett

Meet Robin Hood 12.45pm
Well what can I say Congrates to the 1st for a fantastic win on sat. Had a fantastic time on the boat. Available on Saturday but you seem to win when i don't play!!!! Anyway see you on saturday

Tuesday, July 29

Yup, we do need an upgrade, I'll get onto it tomorrow ... if you want to do any feel free - we need profiles for Jedi, Shaggy, Freddy etc as you say. Any and all welcome - plus any edits to existing ones!!!
Cheers for reminding me.
paul i was looking through the player profiles and i noticed that an up grade of info may be needed. additions to the club like freddie and shaggy are required, and how about the vicar!!!! i know you do a good job with it all but some havent changed for a while. cheers fella, and if you need a hand writing any comments drop us a line of which to write and i will email them to you to edit.
laters fella
Hi - and bye - Bobby!

Mid-season NMCL averages are out, and we have a couple of representatives. Amazingly, I'm in the top 4 bowlers at the half-season stage (?!) while in Division 4, Micky J features in the top keepers, despite limited appearances. East Lancs are dominating the batting honours, surprisingly, while two Catholic Club bowlers feature - we'll meet them on Saturday!

Nets looks set to be washed out tonight, so selection will be done by phone I guess. The current 1st XI selection is as follows:

Doc (c), Big Bird, Ross McM, Dickie P, Matt Cotton, Garvey Hudson, Jedi Ablett, Nellie Butt, KnightsThatSayLaters, Icon Deegan and Ducky*.

* keeper in Cliff, Jonah and Bobby's absence

Cry-offs asap please! Or, preferably, don't!

Monday, July 28

off to canada for 3 weeks, I will be keeping an eye on the website so keep me informed. Great match on saturday. Good luck and keep winning .
Just looking back at friday's comments ...

"really looking forward to witnessing our superb new opening partnership of Ablett and Hudson, pitting the handsome rogue of yesteryear with the tearaway Jedi of the future!"

Aside from the fact that this was our final wicket partnership, not opening partnership, I think we can categorically say we ALL enjoyed watching that one! Breathtaking stuff.

Just to echo the comments below, a fantastic performance on Saturday, very proud of you all. Some excellent performances from ALL ELEVEN, though Dickie P was distraught with his duck ... but his contribution was immense, keeping me going through my early batting struggles and urging me not to chuck it away. Cheers, Rich. Need to echo Cliff's comments and thank Rob Ablett for kindly picking up Shaggy too, that was vital!

Great also to see Vice down at the game with rapidly de-swelling eye. He'll be back soon!

What a stupendous catch from Cliff to get rid of Stapleton too, a vital wicket. Must congratulate darren from Robbies on his ton, a very hard-hitting knock indeed. Nellie Butt rolling back the years with a superb performance with the ball, we had Dasher "I'm an icon" Deegan's superman impersonation on the boundary (not to mention him being caught out by a 5 year old), young Jedi's coolness in the field and big Garvey's fantastic game-winning knock at the death.

Well done all, and no fines this week as a reward for a superb run chase, and indeed comeback from Robbie's 140odd for 1 at half way! Bring on the Catholics!

Oh yes, and me and Hels, Dickie and Kaye, and Cliff had a lovely time at Ross' do on Saturday night - some lovely food, good company and Ross in a kilt!!!! ;-)

Sunday, July 27

Great match yesterday. Good all round team performance. Glad I didn't have to go in down the order. Well done to Nick (Garvey) and young Jedi Matt. Nice to see Garv rolling back the years with a HUGE six before knocking off the winning runs. Special mention to Rob (Jedi's dad) for going to Salford to pick up Shaggy. Well Done !! (I wouldn't risk my car in Salford). What about that catch ?

Saturday, July 26

crompton meadows was the place to be this day (except ross, what with him getting wed and all...) with majesty the mighty saints put pay to the hopes of robinsons of obtaining not just 4pts but 5. meehan leads from the front, with tight performance with the ball but butterworth over shadows this with 6 wickets in his possesion. freddie brings up the rear with a couple. great, great fielding from messers nimo (3 catches) and the young jedi himself (2 catches).
and on to the batting.......butterworth makes it a day to remember with 56 before being caught. freddie with 24 makes yet another impression. skipper meehan, what can be said about his coolness through the days batting. despite numerous rain breaks he steers the good ship totty nearer and nearer the promised land... well 5pts.... but he falls at the last... doom i hear you cry?
hudson steps up and with a huge 6 puts st. johns fingertip away from victory....
with the young jedi buy his side the old master brings it home... no not the holy grail something much more important... 5pts.

for anyone not interested in the bollocks above the stats were:
robinsons 208 all out
tottington st. johns 212 for 9.....meehan alot of runs 60ish (sorry doc dont know full score) butterworth 56, skundric 24ish........ butterworth 6 for?????.

more importantly 5pts to totty!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 25


In all seriousness, I was going to ask you if you fancied it. You're on. You and Jedi!
what about giving the left hand/right hand opening partnership another go. it might fool them in thinking we are playing for a point from the start especially when they see me!!! how about it skip.
you know whats coming next.
Well this weather is a real arse and no mistake. I was really looking forward to witnessing our superb new opening partnership of Ablett and Hudson, pitting the handsome rogue of yesteryear with the tearaway Jedi of the future! That's opening BATTING partnership obviously, no-one in their right minds would entrust the new ball to Garvey Hudson when we have a perfectly decent new ball attack of Brooks and Deegan!

Place your bets now on whether I'm joking ... ;-)

Wednesday, July 23

Team for weekend - Robinsons at Home Doc (c), Cliff, Nellie, Matt A, Bobby, Nick F, Nick H, Dickie P, Dasher, Freddie & Shaggy.

Tuesday, July 22

Good grief:
Springhead II 477 - 5 (Milner 315 not out) 'V' Woodbank III 22 a.o

Is there any chance we could play this Woodbank outfit?

On a lighter note, good to see a new entry in teh guestbook from none other than the Parkinson Exile, Mark, over at Glodwick. Not entirely sure what he means by "annual slanging match", our games with Glodwick are always chipper, friendly affairs ... ;-)

On a more serious note, we have about 5 players available for the weekend. Ducky, you're opening the bowling!

Monday, July 21

I think it's definitely worth recording for posterity one of the most unintentionally hilarious moments of my captaincy career to date. On Saturday we arrived at Rochdalians and took in the scene. A couple of players form both sides were in attendance, our boys lookign at the wicket. A couple of car loads of Asian lads arrived, we didn't recognise any of them, but that's nothing unusual in a league where an influx of new players seems to happen constantly.

After a few moments, one of the lads approached and enquired as to who was the captain. I duly identified myself and we went to toss up. Having lost the toss (surprise! that made 7 out of 7) I turned round and announced to the lads that we were batting ... only for most of them to convulse with laughter.

It transpired that the lads we'd seen arrive were from another team who'd got the grounds mixed up and weren't even from the same league! They thought I was the Rochdalians skipper! Absolutely marvellous.

And then of course when we went to toss up for real, I was advised my Kieran to lose the toss as we hadn't a clue what to do if we won it ... and predictably I called correctly!! Sorry lads.

It's also worth noting on a less funny note that I spilled a catch to deny Nick what would have been a marvellous hat-trick. Sorry, sir.
Bloody hell, I even lost the toss with Helen yesterday for who got to keep the change at Tesco ;-)

Not sure if I can make nets/selection tomorrow, if not I will liaise with Cliff re weekend team.

Best wishes to Vice for a speedy recovery.

p.s. is anyone else unavailable this coming Saturday in addition to Vice, Kieran, Matt, Russ etc?
Well Ducky how did it go with Nicol on Saturday night?
For those not at the Robin at about 10.00pm some random southern Bird (moved north) with no mates decided to sit outside with the cricketers. Dasher made her feel at home for while but when Ducky suggested they should go into Bury she said yes. Then after she went home and took her Jacket Spud out of the oven, off they went with Freddy in toe.
As Kerion said it was a very strange Day!

Friday, July 18

Dasher mate, I've got a speeding fine. Can you help?

Thursday, July 17

As it is raining, I am trying to catch up on some TSJ paperwork.

Matchball Sponsorship 2003 - Only 6 companies taken up the scheme this year which is disappointing from numbers in previous years. Still not too late if you know a business who wants to sponsor us for £25. They will recieve letter of acknowledgement, mention in BT, listed on sponsors page of website & name on boards around the ground.

100 Club Membership - first draws of year to take place at next committee meeting on 7th Aug. Every TSJ player should be a member. Are you ? Please support your club with £12 per year with a chance to win monthly prizes. Why not invite your relatives and friends to join !!

Please help us to raise money so we can continue to improve YOUR club !!

Sorry for the serious stuff, I just hope wish it would stop raining !!
One change for Saturday 1st XI. Nellie Butt not available, so Dasher's moving up to the 1sts ...

Wednesday, July 16

2nd team home to darcey lever is: m.jones, r.ablett, m.ainscoe, m.deegan, g.fletcher, b.kinsey, n.hudson, a.murray, a.smith, s.smith and f.brockway (tbc). to meet at ground at 1.00pm, any probs contact myself or jonesy.
laters y'all
1st XI selection for Saturday.
Doc P (c), Vice, CDO, Cliff, Freddie, Ducky, Dickie P, Osama, Knightsthatsaylaters (!), Nellie Butt and Big Ross - meet 12.30 at the Robin or at Rochdalians from 1.15!

Tuesday, July 15

Nets should be superb tonight in this lovely summer weather. The CDO is alas unable to make it, but in his place I am sure someone will wantonly victimise players as soon as the light fades ... we should do some fielding drills tonight.

Does anyone know of any unavailabilities for the weekend? As far as I know, everyone from Saturday is okay (we're checking on Nellie) and I assume Ducky will be available again. Dilemmas!

I thought Saturday's game was yet another we should have romped. To give them their due, EV came back strongly and tightened the reins just when it looked like we'd done all the hard work. I thought our fielding performance generally held up in the hot weather, and the two EV players who got runs really rode their luck early on. Some good bowling from Matt to keep it tight at the death, and we set ourselves a target at least 70 runs short of what EV ought to have made.

The top 6 all batted well I thought, everyone got going, but there was a loss of impetus at the vital time. No blame to anyone though, another very good all round effort, where we were just slightly short in a game we dominated for spells. The cup game should be a belter if they produce another wicket like that.

Special mention to Nick for his tremendous attempt to steal all the pizza at the interval! ;-)

Monday, July 14

Nevermind Nic i'm sure victory will happen soon. Congrates to Freddie as well! See you all on tuesday I think some fielding practice will be good.

Sunday, July 13

and so defeat no4 for the stand-in-sunday skipper. but to be fair it was a great effort by everyone against probbley the champions elect of the 4th division.
so chew moor brook posted 142 for 8 off their 45, with wickets for freddie (3) hudson (2) and yours truly (3) although you would expect so off 22 overs!!!
tsjcc fell short by some 24 runs at the end finishing with 118 for 9, that right another point gained and well erned. but who got the runs i hear you ask? well if you are anywhere near fairfield hospital i sure he'll tell you all about it, yes you guessed it freddie top scored by far with a cracking 60 before being caught. bobby chipped in with 16 and more glorious sweeping which the young jedi also took part in on his way to 11. alas not enough.
great effort by all, cheers
Still cheesed off! but at least it was a good match on a great day. See you Tuesday (later on) folks.

Friday, July 11

Ducky not available for Sunday - he's having to work !

Wednesday, July 9

Terrific to be back last night at nets, folks, and getting back into the swing of things. The evening was of course highlighted by the CDO's brutal assault of Mr Murray with the ball. Probably the first time he's ever bullied anyone with ball in hand.

And probably the last.

It was delightful to see Dickie P, now known as vishnupeacock, the fertility god, who turned up in an immaculately pressed shirt and tie. He emphasised his godlike status by at first pretending to be reluctant to bowl and then mowing through Ross's defence first ball. There is no end to this man's talents.

Indeed, it is to Richard's former club, Kirkby Malzeard, that we turn for inspiration. Now here is a tale and a half ...

Tuesday, July 8

1st XI V Elton Vale - Away Meet RH 1:15pm. P Meehan (c), C Brooks, N Butterworth, K Coe, M Cotton, N Fletcher, M Jones, R McMurdo, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric.
2nd XI V Chew Moor Brook - Away Meet RH 12:30pm. N Fletcher (c), M Ablett, P Duckworth, G Fletcher, N Hudson, B Loomba, S Moriarty, A Murray, R Murray, P Skundric, S Smith.
I'm available for the next two saturdays but not saturday 26th.
Nelly is available for 1sts on Saturday. As far as I am aware, the only one of my selected 1st XI we need to check on tonight will be Paul S, the rest are okay! I should be there at about 6.45, maybe 7, depends when I get away from Manchester!
for the notice of other selection committee members the following are unavailable for the weekend:jb kinsey, a smith and dasher (as mentioned). any others please let jonsey , paul or myself know asap, cheers
i will be down at crompton meadows early tonight (if weather holds) so if anyone can get down and give us a hand setting up, i will be there about 5.30ish.
Hello. Apologies as I won't be showing tonite and also have to declare unavailability for the weekend. Good luck with whatever.

Monday, July 7

At the latest meeting it was discussed and passed that selection will be on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm. Selection committee will be Club Chairman plus 1st & 2nd XI Captains & VC's. Minimum number of people required will be 3 although each team needs to be represented as the above. If full committee not in attendance then general committee members can be drafted on to the selection meeting to represent the team they normally play for.
A point to note at training on Tuesday. The whole square has been treated with fertiliser so please make sure you wash your hands before eating etc.
Practice wicket cut & rolled, pity it's going to rain. Won't be there myself, Rammy U13's have a match - weather permitting.

RE SELECTION - Digger Deegan not available for the whole weekend as he is working - hello, hello.

I think you ought to be careful saying "I can't feel any tightness any more" or people could get the wrong impression.

Nick, shame re 2's, though it is pleasing to see Ross back in the runs. How did you bowl? Can you teach me how to win the toss before Saturday please!?

Can't wait for nets tomorrow and to get back into the swing of things!
Nevermind Nick i'm sure victory will be cominig soon. Weather looks ok so i'll be down to the nets on tuesday hopefully my injury has gone I can't feel any tightness anymore so fingers crossed. Newcastle was fantastic! Those north east ladies are a bit forward I can tell you! Bless em! I've got a few stories to tell! See you tuesday.

Sunday, July 6

oh dear god no not again, yes another defeat for the 2nd team under the captaincy of yours truely. i bet poeple cant wait to get jonsey back at the helm!
anyway this is how it went to day: tsjcc posted a score of 179 for 9 of our 45 with mcmurdo hiting 50 and freddy hiting 35 before a later charge from baza reaped 30 as he despatch the ball to the boundry with shades of yester year!! a mention has to go to bobby for the majestic sweep in the last over, a dream to watch.
but then back to earth with a bang as f&h opening partnership set them on the way to 4pts. f&hcc ending 181 for 3 with 10 overs remaining. buger
cheers everyone for your effort, at least i won the toss this time.

Friday, July 4

cheers matt, i thought no one had noticed. good to hear from you paul, but if its to confuss selection any more than needed please address the problem to jonesy as friday is drink, drink ,drink night so i will be indesposed till saturday middayish. so save your problems till then. cheers
i hope you didnt put your body though to much exercise!!!
Good Afternoon just thought i'd say good luck to the 2's for sunday. Well i'm off to Newcastle on Saturday for a stag doo which should be very interesting! I've still got Mick Jones's porn boots i need to give them him back. Saz is quite worried about him with them Boots! Anyway best go lunch time is nearly over i've got some mini golf to play! Laters (as nick would say!)

Thursday, July 3

NO!! - all is well.
First I was, then I wasn't but now I am again.
laters...sorry, it's catching.
Attention Micky J and Nick - according to the CDO, Mr, sorry, DR Ainscoe may well be unavailable this weekend ......
Greetings all!

Great holiday but also great to be back - a shame there's no game this weekend! Apologies in advance re committee meeting tonight, no way can I attend as too much to do and obviously didn't know about it til just now.

Am a bit disturbed by some of the stuff going on below - what's happened in my absence!? Great win against WLM guys!!

See you all soon - looking forward to it!

Wednesday, July 2

one change to sundays team is ross mcmurdo for matt ablett.

Tuesday, July 1

sundays 2nd team for the trip to forthergill & harvey's is: n.fletcher, m.ablett, m.ainscoe, a.arnold, g.fletcher, n.hudson, b.loomba, s.moriarty, p.scundric, a.smith and s.smith. any problems contact myself or mick jones.
dont worry i wont touch your 5 for........but the 1 for... is best hiden in a dark place along with mine! hope it hasnt knock your confidence, especialy your painting.
see you tonight folks
Nick - make sure you don't destroy the previous weeks worth though!
Sounds like a bit of an ass woopin! I think its a weekend of cricket to forget. Good night was had at duckys party and afterwards! My head was battered! Remind me never to go to Sol again!! I went to a party after Sol as well I didn't see my bed til at least 6 ish! Monster hangover on sunday!