Tuesday, February 28


I'd like to add my own condolences on the very sad loss of Johnny. He was a mainstay of the club way back in 1988 when I joined, and always made me feel very welcome. He had a tremendous sense of humour and was a great club man. Some great memories include the impersonations of Cyril at club nights and his all round good cheer on the field. A lovely bloke.

Sad news - John Mather

It is with regret that I am reporting the death of club stalwart Johnny Mather last week after a long battle against cancer.

The funeral is to be held at St Thomas' Church - Rochdale Rd, Bury at 10.15 am Thursday 2nd March.

John will always be remembered for his fantastic sense of humour, his antics with the microphone at presentation evenings, and for that ever so late square cut! (usually into the grateful hands of gulley).

Friday, February 24

Grow yer beard

If you think you're looking forward to the coming season - just think what if you had to miss a season like me - COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Excellent work Cdo!

re-assessed targets

Just want to put me whites on again.....anything else is a bonus.
Oh yes - Cotters - you stirring little bitch - I'm not spoiling your fun - go ahead and have your pre-season game - as I said - I think its a great idea - sort it!

the sum of all parts

Right then matt, me and you, combine our totals and we can have the Doc's pityfull 800 runs and eighty wickets...

You're On

I'll take that.

Go on then, I'll raise you ...

600 and 50.

dream land

Well, while we are all wallowing in the ideal of being great all rounders i'll raise you 5 and fifty.

I want 30 wickets and 200 runs.

I will mostly be sharing wickets with rob and runs with mickey jones this season!


You just have to ruin our fun don't you.

Just over a month to go eh, i'm getting giddy just thinking about it. Just think about no more saturdays shopping with the wife, bliss!

Seasons goals, 25 Wickets and 150 runs. Dreams may come true!

Anyway whats all this rubbish that you have to type in to blog??

Thursday, February 23

Mickey Mouse

Lads - I also think that a pre-season game would be great - I, unfortunately will be having breakfast with bloody MM in Paris - from the blogs there is now 3 of you - just another 19 (or 12) to go - and someone to prepare wicket / teas / etc - good luck! I think that this game would be top for the club - as Nic says - also good for social. What I REALLY want to happen, though, in a purely CDO capacity, is for the attendance at the AGM to be at least double that of the last couple of years - come on lads - its a Tuesday evening once a year - and your chance to stand/vote/go to sleep to my speech/input upon club affairs. March 14th - tell everyone you know associated with the club - there will be a newsletter with agenda/fixtures/etc going out prior to AGM - but please put in diary NOW!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22


Do we still have the scorecards for the 2020?

as i am sorting a web page with all photos and scorecards on



PS Not finnished just yet


Practice Game

That certainly is a score to very proud of! I think my best best was -16 for Greenmount under 13's. It was my first game and i opened with Phil Neville. I faced 3 balls and got out twice!!

I reckon the practice game is a good idea, not sure about messing about with run deductions but if we can get people down for a chuck about it would benefit us all.


-35 eh.

bet that's got Ex-Vice Craig chuckling; he will recall, as will a few others, of the glorious days when we used to turn out in Rochdale to play indoor cricket. Among the regulars were myself, Flash, Craig, Mark Parky, Big Bird and Cliff. On one particularly memorable occasion, Craig and I were paired up and we ran ourselves out 4 times in 5 balls. Oh yes indeed.

Tob be fair, we were quite good at that game, Bird was almost unplayable at times on that carpet surface. Would love to try it again!


We only need to muster together 15 players, then we could play like we did in school. Everybody fields, while 2 batters have a crack for six overs and 2 more pad up. To give everybody a chance like they did at school, when we are out we are deducted 6 runs instead of having to walk the walk.

The first time i played these rules i scored -35.
Sadly that will not surprise any of you will it?

egg rolling

So - 22 people available on Easter weekend! Perhaps there will be a fly-past by Mr Pork and his friends?
Re - Nets - 2 before including some coaching to be confirmed from Derek Kay should be enough - also first game of season usually quite wet and, ask Big Bird about practising!
Also - Paul I would most welcome a dry Saturday morning with you bowling at me outside with a net - could do with me bat back from Skunners also....

Tuesday, February 21

Practice Match?

I'm with you there Doc........ so why not a practice match the week before the first match? Mix up both 1st XI and 2nd XI to produce to even teams. 40 overs or so a side.... limited no. of overs one bowler can bowl (8 or so) and if a batter scores 50 the retire or something like that to give others a bat. The club provides enough umpires to the league so i'm sure two could be available. More importantly players will get a feel for the conditions at the start of the season.

plus a chance for the first social of the season!!!!

Late Nets ...

Once again, we're going to be hamstrung by having a maximum of 2 net sessions before the season starts. I appreciate the difficulties of scheduling these things, but it only needs folks to miss 1 session and they'll be completely raw going into the first game ...


What time for the start of meeting and is it at Greenmount?

Nets on a Tuesday..... werent they on a Thursday last year? 8pm start for this and three pounds fee or has inflation taken it's toll!

Monday, February 20

Dates for your diary

Dates for you diary

AGM - Tuesday 14th March 2006

Indoor nets at catlebrook - start on the 11th April 2006

see you down there



Clive when did you say the AGM was?

Might have a couple of players for the new season. I don't know them but i spoke to one and he and his mate seem keen. One of thems 40 not sure about the other but both Played for Rawtenstall 2nds quite a while ago but want to have a go again. Said i'll let them know about the AGM and dates for nets , so if you know dates for that to let us know and i can let them know.

Friday, February 17

Law 6 Apparently!

I hope no Totty player will be using these 'illegal' bats this season!! It seems that Ricky 'another ton' Pointing has been using a bat that the MCC have now declared illegal. The Kooarburra, it seems it is packing a bit of graphite backing to help strengthen the old willow. I'm sure it wont effect Ricky's performance but it will be interesting to see if anyone sledges him about it!!!
Especially if he's caught on the boundry!

Wednesday, February 15

Old Man

Fletch - your old man needs to talk to Clive - I think someone has put foot against bottom and bent it - if it is held top and bottom as well as lock in middle this will strengthen it. But Clive will be able to fully brief - great if he can fix it!
Openers look no further than Russ and Paul to rape any attack - me for 30 overs of 'thrutching'.

Tuesday, February 14

Aussie battin'

Are we going to be experimenting with some of this aussie attacking batting? Gilchrist and Katich have hammered the Sri Lankans this morning with both hittin' tons.
Who could Totty big hitting openers be? Smiffffffffffffy has tried in team two but keeps falling prey to the straight ball. Any other ideas?

Bowling Coach

I see England have appointed Kevin Shine as their new bowling coach. Have we got a nominated coach? If not how about Rowdy!!! he could even do the batting coaching job, although i think fielding coach could be a bridge to far!

CDO, what needs doing to the door? could try and get the old man on the job........ if you can put up with him moaning about doing it all season.

Monday, February 13

CDO Update

1. Great turn out on Saturday - 5 people did do 2hrs each as requested - clearing a whole load of tree related shrubbery from the western terrace. Another day like that and we'll reclaim some land for the ground and also negate ball searching in that location - well done everyone!
2. Having an update meeting with our sponsorship secretary on Thursday - anyone who has the slightest hint of any possible benefactor for the club should contact Matt Ablett CSS - including - Match Ball, 100 club, Corporate sponsorship, etc - anything.
3. The questionnaire included in the last Newsletter was 100% successful - ie we get to do what I want 'cos no-one suggested owt else. To this end I am researching PortaKabin solutions to our changing facilities - again, anyone with any thoughts/contacts please help.
4. Cannot reiterate this strongly enough - NEW PLAYERS - anyone's uncle/son/father/grandfather/cousin/nephew/husband/friend/gay-lover/etc - you must know someone who can hold a bat / drink 10 pints of Stella - WE NEED THEM NOW.
5. Two details - Keith - sight-screen - please sort and Door - we need to re-bolt top and bottom.
Really looking forward to season and the challenges (playing and otherwise) that brings.

Friday, February 10


CDO or Paul, if you go on www.thewisdencricketer.com/adoptaclub you can access the details for the compertition and apply online.

Thursday, February 9


Do we have a date for when the indoor nets start yet?




Can't make the morning shift, but am possible available around 3pm for an hour or two, if there is any tree that need cutting down etc..... let us know and i'll try and sort out a baby sitter.

Ground Work

Anyone who can hold a saw / tool - we need you down at Ground on Saturday morning 10 'til 12 - pre season work to trees / ground / hut. Please help - we all have other things to do, but 2 hours from 5 people is a lot less to ask than 10 hours from one - thanks. CDO



Can't make footy tonight, so have asked Matt C to fill in in my absence - hope that's ok?


Just don't want 200 Viagra spams a day (50 is annoying enough!) - IT - firewalls, spam quarantine, auto-delete - ITS ALL BO##OCKS!!

Wednesday, February 8

E-Mail address

Worried about the fan mail CDO?


just blog it or send to Paul for me - don't like to publish my email

No Worries!!!

Not a problem!!! just need an email address to send to or could send to Paul!

Tuesday, February 7


Nic can you get me the details for sending this stuff off - I have words from Paul so just need forms/documentation/contact to progress.

Monday, February 6

words again

basic grovelly chest-thumping text on its way ...

Kids are fantastic!


Brilliant - Nic- can you give me full details and I'll organise Paul's text.
Hope all is well in Chez Meehan - I saw your Mum yesterday who said your offspring were"bouncing off the walls" - I took it to mean they were lively and excitable - not that you were practicing any wrestling moves!

lost words ...

KC, I'd written about 250-300 words for the wisden award on here and then bloody blogger crashed and I lost it all.

Will email you some stuff this week.

Friday, February 3

thought so...

Battle of Britain quote - "owe so much to so few.."
Nic with 2/3 people doing everything we need your input on this = great idea but them that does have enough on plate - ta v.much!

Wednesday, February 1

Who to do.....

I wasn't quite volunteering to do it. i thought some one with a better grasp of english and perhaps the gift of the gab!!! maybe in sales...... no seriously i'm not the best at these things and perhaps it would be better it people threw in a few points and maybe someone could put something together. the chances of winning are small but they are even less if we dont enter.

What happened at the last committee meet? what possible things came up about possible development plans etc...?