Wednesday, March 31

Dunno if there's anyone out there in TSJ-land who likes geography or satellite pics etc, but I've just launched a new service today - good fun and very educational! Perhaps we should get some satellite imagery of Crompton Meadows?

World Guide
Just to boost the Cheeky whites further, I am delighted to report that I managed to edge out Dickie P 3-2 in our latest squash encounter last night ... huzzah!
Thanks for the advice CDO, now I know were I've been going wrong all these years.
Craig - the splitting of the Parkinson Clan will be something to behold! I think I'll try and cancel Aintree (not to play but to watch!).
Advice: wear a non-sporty, off colour top; shout at other players when you are at fault (with lots of irrelevant pointing/gesturing); never pass to feet when there is a long ball opportunity (does not have to be to anyone, just a long ball); try to stop Richard from playing right back; etc.......
Spoke to Scoop Last nignt, apparently one of the least publised transfers to beat the transfer deadline was mine from the whites to the ragtags, will be making my debut on thursday night. Come On !!
mike - you buy the paint and keep receipt for Clive (you know what to buy from last time - must be same as to continue round). Clive and I agreed that its best to continue round rather than top up existing - it still looks good.
Morning cheps.
Don't forget y'all to be up at t'ground at t'weekend for't' groundwork. Hope somebody brings some white boundary fence paint. Can't wait to get a brush in me hand. Will also be on hand to take pictures for the pre-season newsletter which is well under way, complete with Paul's AGM report (as published on the web!!!).
Unfortunatelt missed the presentation to Cyril, but having seen Clive with what looked suspiciously like a pink girl's handbag, I made my excuses and left.
As they say, laters

Monday, March 29

just an idea, but how about a preseason night out to build team spirit for the coming season? nothing heavy, just a curry and a few beers or something to welcome in the new season. how about it
Dunno if any of the SKY owners out there had the privilege of watching Virender Sehwag batting yesterday and this morning. He's just been dismissed for 309 ... mind you, Tendulkar's over 150 and going well!!

Update - 194 not out for the little master, and some wonderful bowling figures for Saqlain ...

Runs galore

Friday, March 26

Seems that the mighty whites are playing super stuff in my absence, I will be available next week if required so that will put an end to that !
Really enjoyed footy last night, thought the whites played some super stuff again. Hopefully we can end on a high next week.

To add to the growing trend, my own participation in first/any nets will depend on when Jnr arrives!
I too will miss the first nets (Lake District) and work to the ground 03-04 April (Scarborough). Sorry Folks!
The Rag Tags collectively were poor but a super game and for me an enjoyable season.
last game of 5-a-side last night (Aintree next Thursday) - shame to go out on such a poor showing! Made me look forward to cricket, though! Unfortunately not available for 1st net (Lanzarote).

Thursday, March 25

Sorry, should have been Greenfield!
Craig, why don't you rename yourself using the "edit profile" option when you log in?? I did change you to "former" c.of.v but you might as well have a new nickname!
doc. just a note, on the side you're got the seconds playing westleigh at home on the 24th april. is this a mistke or has there been a fixture change?
what was the caption that went with the picture?
"fernandez volleys balls so well"?
You can still be called vice when I'm captaining side, Craig. For all other times, how about Parky - obviously no-one else with that monica in the 1st 11.
Well I guess we're in for more of this then ...

just curious about what i will be called now CDO has the dubious pleasure of being vice .

Message for Big Bird , I'll have a tsjcc shirt and fleece
Here we are, again, on Thursday not knowing who is to be playing for the rag, tag; but knowing full well that whilst any white absentees are replaced with equally adept footballers, our replacement will have been plucked from that bar in the Star Wars movie. (Or is Roudy available - he fits the rag, tag ethos).
Ooooooooooooooooooooooh matron, get you!
I'm going to kick you for that

Wednesday, March 24


He was probably having trouble with all the "errr"s ;-)
I was asked for a hard copy of my speech from Clive - I don't think he could keep up!
I'm preparing a sheet for the collection of match fees / bonus ball.
Thanks Paul for your kind words of encouragement! Again yes it was great to see Cyril and rowdy both looking well indeed!
In case there's anyone out there who didn't make the AGM, there were quite a few interesting points to take from last night.

1. Cyril

Firstly, can I echo Dickie P's comments. It was wonderful to see Cyril there and looking in better health. The little presentation for him was quite moving and he fully deserved that standing ovation. Brilliant stuff.

2. Rowdy

Good also to see Rowdy Yates there and delighted to hear he's back and playing this season. Also particulaly good to see him back as the butt of all jokes e.g. Keith: "Onto number 11", Mozzer: "Rowdy!"

3. New treasurer

Cyril's stepping down opened up a new position for club treasurer, a position of great responsibility, and one which requires dedication, some mathematical skill and a fair amount of hard work. In the absence of anyone suitable, Matt Cotton has been appointed!

4. Club officials for 2004

President, Chairman, Secretary, CDO all unchanged
Matt to replace Cyril as Treasurer

5. Captains

No need for Clive's voting slips here as all elections were unanimous.

1st XI Captain - Paul
1st XI Vice - CDO
2nd XI Captain - Mozzer
2nd XI Vice - Micky Jones

which of course will cause some massive fights no doubt as both 2nd XI appointees are in my first choice XI ;-)

6. Match Fees

After about 10 years unchanged at 5 quid, fees have finally gone up. It was stressed quite heavily by several parties that in the coming couple of years we're facing much larger outgoings, with the rent on the lease kicking in, and so on. Having discussed various options, Mozzer proposed a great idea.

Match fees are raised to 7 pounds per game BUT this includes an automatic 1 pound entry into the weekly bonus ball draw. That solves two issues - a) the need to bring in more money and b) the decreased uptake of bonus ball entries last year. Now at least we'll all get the chance to win back our match fees!

It was pointed out that the fee of 7 pound sis more in line with other clubs, and we still remain (just about majority-wise) opposed to membership subscriptions, which quite often dissuades the casual player.

7. Pre-season work at the ground

Ground work is needed on the following three weekends. March 27/28, April 3/4 and April 17/18. i.e. the four weeks leading up to the season less the Easter weekend.

A good turnous overall, up on recent years and great to see that Dasher Deegan is STILL an icon! ;-)

Anyone got anything else to add?
Fellas, thanks for the great take up on the new TSJCC merchandise at the AGM.

If you think anyone else who wasn't at the meeting last night might want either a shirt or a sweater (fleece) or both please ask them to either blog their requirements or to phone me (07974 136576) before I place the order on Friday.

Prices are as follows: Shirt £17
Fleece £20

Both to display club crest etc.

Thanks once again
All that was missing was the Scunnerman - chase him down!
I can not go but would certainly recommend playing at the JJB, its superb. Good to have the crack last night after the meeting and see CF looking in much better health.

Tuesday, March 23

Forgot to mention tonight. Does anyone want to play football on Sunday morning at JJB Soccordome ? Bury Round Table are short of a few players in an inter Table Competition. Let me know soon. Cheers Clive PS Good meeting tonight !!

Monday, March 22

Hope you all had a good weekend and that the CDO didn't hurt himself?

A reminder to all that we need the maximum turnout at the AGM tomorrow night - captains and vice captains - and the rest of the committee etc - to be sorted on the night! See you there!

Friday, March 19

Lobbying - to seek to influence or gain the support of - sounds good(?). You mean you have to really want it - its not something you get given when you leave the room to go for a pint?
That was a tremendous run out for all last night, thought the whites were very hot, played some good stuff! CDO, thanks for the nice comment, though you don't mention one or two screaming misses earlier ;-) Have a good trip this wekeend and don't break anything bone-wise ... at least not your own!

Nick, that's a good point - does anyone other than Cliff know any nominees??
will we get to know the nominees for the captains and vice captains only on the night or is there going to be abit of time for a spot of lobbying before hand.
well played whites - Dr.P discovered the whereabouts of the net with some tremendous finishing! Stretched defensively (and creatively) we were always merely hanging on - very enjoyable nonetheless!

Thursday, March 18

Matt - tel Scott.
If you are not there, (at IthinkIknowwhere) I may (just may) be in charge, thus the decision making process will inevitably be taken away from you in your absence - in short, Clive shall be wearing gloves. I, on the other hand, may abuse my position by ridiculously turning the old arm over!
This was a party political broadcast in favour of not voting for Kieran next week.....
Guys I'm really sorry but I can't make it tonight for footy! I know its a bit late but I've just pulled a muscle in my leg at work and I can't bloody move!! I reckon I 'm sleeping here tonight! 32 eh Paul! I'm 28 in a couple weeks , I know I don't look it but I look after myself!
paul, do you really want cdo to answer that one!
Bloody hell, how old did you think I was!? ;-) It'll still be you and Cliff opening up at YouKnowWhere!

And this lot wanted to take over the world?
Or " You're going home in a Castlebrook Ambulance".
I'm delighted (and a little surprised) to hear you are only 32! No excuses for bowling another 300+ overs this season then?
Go Where Whites? You wouldn't hear that kind of sugar-coated chearleading from the rag-tags........ Long-ball Colours!
CDO will be delighted to hear that I have got a new bat for my birthday, a Slazenger V800 Supreme ... I guess we need to put out an advert for someone to knock in his bat for this year then? ;-)

Looking forward to footy tonight. Go Whites! How are we for numbers?
Well that put the mockers on Gilly didn't it, he only got another 4 this morning! Ah well.

Wednesday, March 17

I don't know if anyone's been lucky enough to catch either of the two Pakistan-India ODIs this week, but they've been absolutely sensational. First game, Pakistan almost chased 350 to win, yesterday India fell short of a 327 target by just 12. Sachin hit a brilliant 141 and still lost!

This morning, Aussie Gilchrist has hit back into fine form after a few ducks. He's on 140 not out from 160 balls at the close against Sri Lanka. Could be an enormous score tomorrow if he carries on for a session.

Bring on the cricket season!!!!

Tuesday, March 16

Clive/Russ - bumped into bloke from Rochdalians yesterday - he has a sports shop in Rochdale and can do embroidered/screenprinted/etc shirts (3/4 with piping) to order - he showed me their new ones - good. Give him a go? Name - N. Hayee - tel. 01706 633227. Unique Sports.
He also does bat repairs and match balls (@£6.50 ea).

Monday, March 15

Wright Phillips is not my best mate at the moment...Had City to win 3-1 at 28/1
Notwithstanding, Happy Days!
Still not really sunk in 4-1 I mean 4-1 come on!!!! The game was pretty average in the 1st half but 2nd we were pretty good! Shaul Wright Phillips for england he is fantastic!! Put him on the right hand side of midfield and he'll terrosise defences!! Cheers Bird for the ticket What an atmosphere ! I'll drop off the ticket and the cash tonight if thats ok?

It makes it all the better because we have now ended Utds league chances!! COME ON!

Good scene for the cricket team very unexpected! I watched the replay yesterday after the game Harmison was tremondous visions of me and Dr P destroying Westleigh 2 seasons ago!
Bob Marley, Vivian Richards, Steve Bucknor, Chickpeas and rice, Dwight Yorke, Sir Arthur Lewis, Tony Cozier, Clive Lloyd, Jambalaya, Lance Gibbs, Gravy the transvestite, Joel Garner, Rum Punch, Trevor McDonald, Sir Garfield St Aubrun "Gary" Sobers, BRIAN LARA - you boys took a HELL of a beating!!!

Did anyone see that coming? Forget Caddick's demolition job in 2000, this was true payback for years and years of suffering at the hands of the Windies. Never mind that they're understrength and slumping, who gives a monkeys? This was England's finest hour in recent times, and long may this new breed continue to develop. In Jones and Harmison we now have two genuine pace spearheads who can terrorise batsmen for the next decade.

Osama and Dickie ... thought you'd have been on already ... !!!

Friday, March 12

It's amazing how peoples' perceptions differ. I'd have said the rag tags won last night ... even though I felt we had more of the play, our finishing wasn't too hot at times!! Good game though, most enjoyable!
Won by dozen? They were all over us! I felt like a butcher's dog chasing my tail, then realising that it was sausages I was after all along! Woof!
I think your being a tad harsh CDO. They only won by one last night and yes they did seem to play a bit better but if we took our chances we would have come out on top. COME ON!!!!
Funny game, football- it seems the harder you try, the further the ball is from you - or is it just the mighty whites controlling the ebb and flow......

Thursday, March 11

Certainly will CDO I would never change my colours!!
Fleece - get it? I bet those Yorkshire gits will be ordering lots, tee-bloody-hee!
Cotters - good to have you back! I presume you'll be on the rag tail side (your 'skills' fit our team's approach).
New TSJ CC cricket shirts

Some of you will be aware that at the last meeting I was tasked with arranging the purchase of a quantity of cricket shirts with the club crest on. I am attempting to keep the cost as low as possible, whilst ensuring the quality of the shirt is good. To this end I have an offer of sponsorship of £100, towards the cost from Etiquette (logo to be on the shirt). If anyone would like to outbid this please feel free!

I was also wondering if there would be any mileage in looking into the new style fleece short sleeve cricket sweaters? I would imagine that this would have to be done early season since specific orders/sizes would be needed - I will however enquire into prices.

If anyone has any further comments/suggestions please feel free to blog.
We'll look forward to that - does it mean you'll not be resorting to your usual 50 yard diagonal passes from the back then?
Total Football by the Rag Tags...Fantastic!
I will be gracing the football arena this evening! Its been a while but I'm sure my silky skills will prevail!
Osama did you ring Scott about tonight and will you be joining us?

Wednesday, March 10

I don't know if this helps or not but i'm now available for thursday as i've passed my course!!
I'm looking forward to the 3-a-side tomorrow! Amazing - as the cricket season nears, players become as scarce as Clive's wallet at the first round!
Cheers for dropping off the ticket russ I'l drop off some cash for you.

Tuesday, March 9

Sorry Russ I've not been in work so i couldn't check for the blogs!! Is it still available I'll ring you today!!

Monday, March 8

Calling Osama - please ring me to let me know if you still want the ticket. Also match kicks off at 2pm not noon as originally posted.


Friday, March 5

By jingo, what a super day. Clear blue skies, birds singing, trees in blossom, and all is well with the world. It's almost cricketing weather, folks, just a few extra degrees ...

Good footy last night, though we needed two more bodies to make it 5 a side. 8 was not quite enough, but a good workout nonetheless.
Osama give me a bell (01706 242104) and I will arrange to get the ticket to you.

Wednesday, March 3

I'll give him £27.50.
Hit them on the way up!

"Bell End" - superb.

CDO, you're not wrong, plus have you seen the animations of the birds underwater, jumping off the iceberg etc? Fantastic. People have too much time on their hands!
it doesn't matter if you miss - they swim back until you hit all. I find it facinating that the flight paths of the birds are all different. God I get addicted to these...
If thats the case then bird I'll have it!

Upright urinal together with microphone, stand and amplifier.

Couldn't resist.
The old ones are the best!!

Seriously, a colleague of mine has 1 ticket for the MANCHESTOH DERBY (14th March- midday kickoff -City of Manchester Stadium). Ticket is in the Man City seats (probably the 'Bell End').
He will sell to a genuine City fan or neutral for face value @ £25.

If anyone wants it, first to blog will get it.
Highest so far 602.8 but I have had a 99.1 hit!
Rubbish I keep missing!!!
711.8 - inc a 96.3 hit! COME ON!
544 - but I still keep missing!
462 - 1st go - I'll better it though!
Never mind this musical nonsense, let's get back to the games. I really want to see a TSJer in the high scores ...

Snowball the penguin

A great game - might take you a few goes to work out how to do it. Basically you have to time your snowball to hit the penguin as it drops across the target ... I've got about 440 so far as my high.

Tuesday, March 2

Cod's Peace is a good band name!! They have a rubbish name the're called Joe Public.
what are they called - black spittle? or devil's issue? or cod's peace? come on - hippy!
Michael Parkinson is from Barnsley (S. Yorkshire) not Huddersfield (W. Yorkshire) so he must have been lost!
Surely Paul can come up with some pun re saying your bands?
I've booked a band for my wedding! Thats quite good. We went up the huddersfield to see them (Yes keiron they are from Yarkshire) there very good. They have quite a varied set list Tom Jones to Bon Jovi! We walked into the venue and it was some kind of black tie doo and Micheal Parkinson was there!
Yes it is terribly quiet, but there's still 3 weeks til the AGM! Hmmm. Anyone got anything interesting to talk about?
no blogs - the lull before the AGM storm?