Friday, November 28

It Looks as if your missing my silky skills!
Only because you had the new guy (and I don't mean the new guy - I mean the one who, when he plays for us, couldn't hit a barn door).
Dicky P. you are a turncoat, a bounder and a cad to boot!
Kieran Coe, Nick Hudson, Steve Moriarty your boys took a hell of a beating !!!!!!

Thursday, November 27

So its Lancashire day and all you can think of is to trash the white rose....
Non - sensical rant (at least I can spell - trailer trash).
In the words of a crap "comedian" - what a gay day!
Comments box removed!
thats right folks lancashire day. want to know more go to
just had a look at your friends yorkshit (sorry couldnt resist, after all it is Lancashire day) soul site and it is quiet witty and dare i say entertaining but it seems that only "mike" posts anything. at least there are other contributors to tsjcc site occasionly. if not lardy and cdo are always good for a non-sencical rant.

I put it on really for casual readers (ie non-TSJ people) to be able to add stuff. I know at least 20 people who read the site regularly.

I can take it off it ppl don't think it's useful?

Andy's mate Mick does a great blog over at Yorkshire Soul - his comments are well-used and funny!

Enjoy footy tonight!

This comments lark don't work for me - breaks up the flow of the conversation to the occassional viewer. We will end up with different topics of conversation going on at the same time and I'm a simple lad!! Don't know what other people think but I'm of the opinion that if it isn't broke don't fix it??

See you tonight


Wednesday, November 26

Theres no need to replace anything its fine no worries! Cheers anyway!

Tuesday, November 25

Matt - does that mean you want a new frame, replaced glass or the frame and picture without the glass? Any of these is OK by me..........

You'll note I've added a little comments link which will automatically appear below every post, in case anyone without admin access wants to post a comment on any entry - or indeed if we do without wanting to log in ... hope it's useful.
Don't worry about it was only a cheap thing! If your at footy on thursday i can pop down after college and collect it. I can get there for about 9.15 if your stuggling for numbers!
Matt - is the frame a family heirloom? I've broken glass.....sorry! I can either replace glass or whole frame - please advise......
A sarcasm-free blog.

Monday, November 24


Ref Thursdays team really don't think clive should be batting above The Hud & A N Other, although you and me opening the batting should be interesting.
( Paul , can I have a licence for sarcasm now.)
Hello Everyone not blogged for a while how is everyone? Its a pity I won't be able to play footy for a while because of college but hey I've got to get qualified!

CDO have you finished with that photograph yet? My Mantle piece is not the same without it!!!

got to be so defensive these days, so many sarcastic people about - terrible isn't it!
Kick you later, Kieran.
Before the comments start - of course I won't see the ones who can't make it on Thursday but will see eveyone else.


With a few people unavailable and a few people returning I though I would detail Thursdays team as I see it...

Captain Peacock
The Hud
A N Other

I am sorting the A N Other with Clive and again feel this number should be tolerated for a week with 3 regulars back the week after. Please let me know if you can't make it and I will see you on Thursday.


Wednesday, November 19

Andy and I will be fine to play, Scoop.

Tuesday, November 18

Re Football

Thank you to Keiran, Clive and Craig for there early warning re non attendance on Thursday. Ashley is also not now available until after Xmas. By my reckoning that leaves us with 7 (assuming someone can pick up young Jedi).

I will do some phoning round but my intention is only to get the number to about 8. I feel we should accept a lower number for one week (it should be a good workout) rather than invite lots of new people to make up the numbers and then be left with 16 people next week when our regulars return.

I hope the 'other' regulars agree with my stance but please feel free to contact me via phone or on this site with any views.

See the rest of you on Thursday and obviously anyone else who may not be able to make it please let me know.


Sorry Ricardo I am on that course!! I don't think i'm going to be able to play until the new year probably around feb time! Sh@t isn't it!!
I'm struggling to make Thursday as well. Currently off sick and not looking good for rest of week. Any volunteers to pick up young Jedi otherwise that might be other one down ?
What's happened to Skudders ? Answers on a postcard please.
Cotters, I hope you are not on that daft course! Clive do you want to speak to Frank?
Any body going out to see the Rugby Sat?
I can't make football on thursday either (work commitments) so that should even numbers up, but should be okay up to xmas after that. Afraid someone else will have to "come short" this week.
Unfortunately, I cannot make 5-a-side this Thursday - I have to go to Rugby training as I'm in 1st team (missed last night through being in Cambridge). I am going to try to go next Monday instead though, to free up Thursday night (have to go min. of one a week). I'll be fit, but divorced!
Sorry for any inconvenience with numbers...

Thursday, November 13

I don't care if it appeases you or accarrotses you, you're still in for a hiding tonight. And we'll beat you at footy too ;-)
you think that appeases me?
You may note I've removed your duplicate posts. To do this yourself, click on Edit, then a delete link appears! Isn't I.T. great?
well spotted, Doc - it may be because the blog publishes itself before I edit - thus the small additions (! to Kerrang, etc). What happened was I had to come off the blog whilst creating - it then publishes itself....I HATE I.T. I'll take my aggression out tonight....
"Pull back, Craig go left, Paul go right"

Just had a message from Jedi - he's going to turn up and do his favourite impression ...

headless chicken

btw, KC, why did you submit two near-identical (but slightly different) messages!? Are you losing it in your old age?
"F***ing Hell Andy"," Get tight on him"," Oh S**t Sorry"," Who was marking him"," Oops missed again KC". - Just practicing for tonight.
I hope to god the newsletter contains more relevant material than your blogs - that's to both you over-educated, Kerrang! reading smellies!
Never mind Meat Loaf in any event - it's postponed!!!! Who the heck are "Spocks Beard" - presumably they have lived long and are prosperous.

So andy and I will be there tonight. Whites unite once again. "come short, craig"! Excellent.

Wednesday, November 12

Paul - never mind the mighty MeatLoaf. Those in the know will be at the Academy on Thursday to see the truly God-like Neal Morse (of Spocks Beard/Transatlantic fame) performing his epic 'Testimony' work, accompanied no less by his drummer pal (from Dream Theater) the even more God-like Mike Portnoy. Now that's what I call...........

Tuesday, November 11

Clive is the ever young Frank available?
Just to let you know that Andy and I won't be at footy on Thursday either - we're off to see the mighty Meat Loaf at the MEN Arena! Rock and roll ...
Dear me Dr P!!

Can't attend footy on thursday I've got to go into college.

So I'm not too sure about availability for the near future because I might need to attend college every thursday until x mas but i'll let you all know!

Monday, November 10

You get worse......
Kick off time

In the action

Flower power

Poor old Kieran

Friday, November 7

Yes, sad isn't it. and to finish it off I suggest Michael Caine for The Hud.
I thought i was more like the guy that they had to break his arm so Stallone could play!!
So you DID all watch that shit film.....
John Walk perhaps! Tash and playing for Ipswich at the time.
How old was Mike Summerbee in that film? And has anyone worked out who young Jedi is yet? My ankles haven't been the same since he started playing.
It clearly goes without saying CDO I was like Mike Summerbee showing off his silky skills!
I said I was the same size as him - not the same effectiveness.
Of course! That would be Pele who makes TV adverts about impotence and erection problems.
Stallone = Steve (incoherent and grumpy; Pele = me (hung like a ...); Moore = Cotters - looks like he could have robbed some jewellery!
KC - Fair comment re football although I'm struggling to think who Stallone, Pele & Moore equate to on your side
TSJCC Xmas newsletter - a very important means of communication and one which we should all contribute. To move progress it has been nominated, seconded, passed, agreed (whatever) that the new editor of the newsletter is to be Mike Ainscoe and it is hoped that he shows the same gusto as he did when painting the fence! (although we also hope that the newsletter will be finished at some point...). To this end, if anyone wishes to contirbute (jokes, TSJ anecdotes, cricketing stories, fund raising issues, constitutional issues, Club Development opportunities, personal comment, etc) either with a fully written piece or with just bulletted points of view - you can email Mike on or you can pass the information on to me or Clive. This is Mike's shout, but I feel that all info should be in by end of November with publication date prior to Xmas.
and there was me thinking I was paying the whites a compliment.....Also there were parallels with our side (the allies) - rag, tag and bobtail, thrown together old, knackered and has-been and unsure as to whether to come out again at half time!
KC - from what I remember your description doesn't match any of the teams from last night!
Can't believe you are calling me geek, Doc P (KC = speechless for once...).
Did anyone see Escape to Victory last night? - so many parallels with our 5-a-side (I'll leave it to the individual to decide which team was representative of the Germans.. clean, matching kit, dirty, disciplined and good at football....)

Thursday, November 6

"utilising"? "siblings"?

descriptions utilising girly siblings fit the whites - your call does not.
i take it footy is on tonight then, cheers craig for the message last week. i'll try and make it but i wouldn't hold your breath. not signed up yet doc, medical next thursday.
Hmm!! just trying to remember who was re-writing the lyrics of the cheeky girls a couple of weeks ago.
Oi, if anyone's going to be making stupid calls it'll be me ...

Home game:

DrP: "Right, you call"
Opposition: "Heads. Right, we'll bat"
DrP: "ARSE!"

Away game:

Opposition: "Right, you call"
DrP: "Heads"
Opposition: "Right, we'll bat"
DrP: "ARSE!"
Vice = stupid call, really, on a CRICKET web site.

1. "One Step Beyond" - Osama Bin Lardy and the Noballers
2. "Money money money" - Cyril's Wallet
3. "Build Me Up Buttercup" - Dickie P and the Flower Girls
4. "In the Army Now" - Nick Fletcher feat. TA Recruiters
5. "Can You Feel the Force?" - Young Jedi
6. "Toss It Up (You Lost Again TSJ Mix)" - Notorious DRP
7. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" - the Totty Tea Ladies
8. "Sultans of Swing" - Smiffy and Mozzer
9. "Blame it on the Rain" - Groundsman Cliff
10. "Run like hell" - Rowdy Yates

On a related note, I came across this fantastic selection of "worst country music song titles ever" - my personal favourite is:

"If My Nose Were Full of Nickels, I'd Blow It All On You"
CDO just to let you know i will bring that photogragh to footy tonight.

Wednesday, November 5

That's a top idea.

Email me and I'll do some stuff for you. You should also consider a "best of the web" bit, print some of the highlights from this site over the past 6 months ... eg the banter between CDO and Matt, that Meccano picture, comments of the season, etc.

Happy to contribute! ;-)
Xmas newsletter: We are going to publish (paper/e-mail) a xmas newsletter and would like for any/all to participate - if you want a say in what appears or would like to pen a piece - please contact me or Clive. We feel that this is important, not only to keep communication momentum going but also to set the scene for the coming season - please participate with humorous/serious views - does not have to be cricket related (but it would help!).
I knew my batting prowess would prevail!!

Tuesday, November 4

Does this mean that cotters won the batting prize?
Fantastic! It's the TSJCC website in reverse!

Monday, November 3


Yes there is, 8pm at Dungeon. I will have to send my apologies to Cliff, as I'm unable to attend. Have fun!

Great Evanescence gig at the Apollo on Friday, thanks to Nick F for kindly using my spare ticket; lots of goths in attendance, good live sound, particularly Amy Lee, the singer, crowd was manic downstairs!

Evanescence logo
Is there a committee meeting tomorrow night?
is there a committee meeting tomorrow night - or is my head more scrambled than I thought?

Sunday, November 2

Hello! Can't believe we have some fellow 'MostHaunted' fans at the club!!! Anyone for a trip to the Opera House in Feb to see Derek Acorah??? Must go, I feel some spiritual activity approaching in the residual energy (either that or I've just seen the first XI averages)