Wednesday, March 28

er, Danny ...

"Totty will be hosting West leigh" pretty much says it! We haven't sorted a start time, it's likely to be 1.30 or 2. We'll sort details when we know we have enough players.


What time will it start? what time it expected to finish? where is it going to be played? totty or west leigh??? info info info!!!

Friendly April 14th

Totty will be hosting West Leigh Meths in a friendly game scheduled for Saturday 14th April. The format is 20/20 (though I'm sure we could tinker). We're looking for as many players as possible to make themselves available so we can get in some pre-season practice outdoors.

If you'd like to make yourself available, please drop me or Ashley an email - or blog here.

Tuesday, March 27

How long!?

2 hours to get from York to Bury? Are you hiring that driver we had for the dog night then? No hang on, we'd be getting back at 2am on Monday if you did.

Just had a call from Cliff, who was very pleased with the turnout for groundwork last weekend. He says there's just a bit more painting, mending and, hang on, something else ending in -ing to do, and that can people please come down this coming weekend, Sat March 31st from 9.30am to get it finished? Thanks!

Sunday, March 25

Clives Stag Do - ammended itinerary

Due to difficulties encountered in finding accomodation in York, and also in an attempt to reduce the overall cost of the day, it has now been decided that the coach will be returning from York at midnight with arrival back in Totty / Bury around 2am.

For those wanting more information on the cost of the day, I can now confirm that dependent upon the number travelling (max 24) the cost of the coach is likely to be between £15 and £20 per head, with entry into the Club stand at Thirsk races at £17 per head.

Please note that collar and tie are required for entry into the Club stand.

Add to the above the cost of the breakfast, and I would estimate that the day will cost approx £40 per head all in (plus of course betting and drinking money on top).

There is nothing to stop anyone who may wish to stop over in York from making a private booking, however both myself and Kieran have spent considerable time over the past week trying to locate suitable accomodation to no avail.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you with me to reserve you a place - the coach is booked as a 24 seater, and places will be granted on a first come first served basis (I already have 14 names on the list).

Thursday, March 22

Saturday 24th March 2007

I am un-able to attend Saturday morning as I have Football




Cant make it on saturday, sorry.

I'm going to Cardiff to watch Sale in the semi-final of the cup.


Can't make this weekend unfortunately (plans with kids - too short notice) but hope to get down to ground some other weekend before season if required!

Clive - thanks for offer of lift this morning, but not getting tram now - taking x35 bus!! Miles cheaper and just as fast!

Assistance Required this Saturday

Groundsman Cliff has just asked me to let all you eager Alan Titchmarsh's know that he intends to be at the Ground from 9.30am on Saturday morning (24th March) for a couple of hours. Theres plenty to be done, and therefore please lend a hand if you are able to.

Wednesday, March 21

AGM Elections

Hi all,

Reasonable turnout at the AGM last night (18 of us?), with a much higher first team presence than in recent times.

Here are the results of the club elections:

Chairman - Keith Duckworth (unopposed)
Vice Chairman - up for grabs, seconded by Matt Ablett's ghost
CDO - Kieran Coe (unopposed)
Secretary - Clive (unopposed)
Treasurer - Dickie P (unopposed)
Ground Development - Kieran Coe

1st XI captain - Ashley (unopposed)
1st XI vice - Doc P (unopposed)

2nd XI captain - Micky J (over Danny M)
2nd XI vice - Shunter (over Danny M)

Committee members - captains and main 4 committee posts plus Russ Brooks, Duncan Phillips, Doc P, Danny M (newly appointed), Scott P, and Dasher Deegan (retained on committee).

Summary of key points:

- CDO is in negotiation with church to extend lease on ground, thus hopefully allowing us to apply for significant funding to redevelop the ground. We have some grand plans.

- fundraising efforts in 2006 were tremendous, boosted by the Boxing Day fixture and the car boot sale

- we will probably be splitting the race night/presentation evening into two events in 2007

- Matt Ablett apparently seconded every nomination made at the 2006 AGM (general hilarity ensued)

- the committee would really like more 2nd team representation at committee level but apart form Danny M, no one was forthcoming - this may be addressed at subsequent committee meetings

- the 100 club is very poorly subscribed, with many people feeling that it's not a decent money earner (only 3 of last night's attendees are currently in it). With this in mind, Duncan is relaunching the club in July - letters will go out to all members

- Dickie P showed that we make a loss on match day subs, but with a revamp of the 100 club and so on, subs will remain the same for 2007. With that in mind, we will be urging club members to contribute in any other ways they can eg match ball sponsorship. A couple of folks have expressed an interest already.

- It costs us an average of 180 pounds to stage a home game!!!!!!!! This figure includes umpires/scorers/teas/groundwork/rent/insurance etc.

- if you don't attend the meetings you can't stand for captaincy/club positions

- we're hoping to arrange a pre-season friendly with local opposition (not mentioned last night)

- Kieran has acquired another club position and we will continue to make new positions available for him every year until he has at least 40.

- Kieran showed the new posters asking for new players "from 16 to 60". The club felt that last year's youth policy wasn't a roaring success, as it attracted Duncan Phillips, who is now pushing 85, and Pete Allen, whose age is indeterminate.

- Phil McManus and Shunter indicated new player interest from their brother/offspring. Even if we combine their ages and multiply by 3 they'll still be younger than Boris

- Rowdy was much quieter than usual

- Keith bought a round, just before the re-elections got underway ;-). Kieran didn't, but still got landed with a new role. The 2nd XI wisely kept quiet.

Tuesday, March 20



Yes! Work commitments on a Tuesday plus arrival of baby number two stopped me getting down last year. Mad keen this season, will hopefully be there to train every week, and possibly for other reasons ...

Doc P

So can we expect a regular turn out from Doc P for outdoor nets this season???

Great Expectations

On a serious note, Cliff's escaling commitments mean that this year will be a good start in making sure that everyone, be they first teamers, second teamers, committee folk, casual players or whatever gets involved and helps out. We saw the start of this at the Saturday morning "clear out" recently, when we got double the usual number down. I'm sure that this will be reiterated tonight at the AGM, but we need everyone to pitch in and help with the ground/outfield/attend practice, not just those of whom this activity is "expected"*

* sorry, Kieran ;-)

Looking forward to the AGM tonight. I think the word for it may be "interesting".

Friday, March 16

Clive getting Wed!

Congratulations Clive on your up and coming marriage.

Just one note of caution has a pre-nuptual agreement been arranged to ensure you continue to spend at least 20 hours per week on cricketing matters (excluding playing time!). I believe it is important that this is sorted out before you say "i do". After all who else is going to cut the out field, prep the square, attend NMCL meetings, arrange funding...........

All the best Clive.

*Sorry Mr Ainscoe if there are any mistakes, be that spelling , grammar or anything else.

Tuesday, March 13

Clives Stag Do - 19th May

The big day is drawing ever closer!

Draft itinerary for the days entertainment kindly proposed by CDO is as follows:

1 - Meet at Robin Hood or other local hostelry for Full English Breakfast.

2- Take Minibus to Thirsk races (racing starts 2. 00pm)

3- Minibus to York and book into Hotel.

4- Drinking in York- finishing with the customary Ruby.

5- Sunday am - return to Totty with breakfast on route.

Please let me know if you want to be booked in - I am asking for a deposit of £25 to secure your place and to ensure feasibility of minibus / hotel bookings etc.

Monday, March 5


Had a few problems with my account, all back now. For info, I have made Clive and Mike Ainscoe site administrators too - you guys can set up new users, edit the templates etc. Have fun!

Saturday, March 3


The AGM date has had to be changed due to the fact Greenmount couldn't host us on the Monday.

The new date is Tuesday 20th March at Greenmount. A newsletter giving full details will drop through your door in about a week.

Apologies to those who this may affect.

Great turn out at Ground this morning and plenty of good work achieved.

Friday, March 2


Yeah i took wickets!!! still one short!!! but oh well...

Can't attend on saturday as am in Sunny Grimsby! Have booked the monday of the AGM off work so will be there. Dunno bout nets at the moment as need to save holidays for the Sunday games! plenty of em! Going to try and switch my shifts! Venue confirmed yet?

Might have a lad coming Indoor nets he used to play for Unsworth (Not sure which teams 1st/2nd/3rd???)

And its £5 subs this year Richard for me NOT £7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!