Tuesday, May 31

Hunter Cup Website

Nice site young Dan - there's now a link in the navbar alongside the other TSJ sites!! Anyone else got any sites to add? Our blog empire is huge!


Congrats to Dicky P. for achieving the first lock-in of the season.
one for nick Hudson :) Posted by Hello


I have someone's Jumper from the weekend.

Monday, May 30

Hunter cup pics

TSJCC TeamTalk
Hunter cup 2004 picture website now up and running


please could you put a link on here Paul

website with scorecards on is in progress

Friday, May 27

fine fine fine

ta, Paul - 20p

Tresco Shining

It's always the kiss of death when I post stuff like this, but ... he's on 173 and counting!

BTW, we didn't mention my little error to Digger the other week. The world's slowest opening bowler bowling for Ashton and Digger's facing up.

Doc P: "My god, have you seen? They've put a short leg in, what on earth for?"
Within 10 seconds, Digger's caught - at short leg!

Battle of the Faiths????

What you mean Adam Faith and Faith Brown?????

Battle of the Faiths

Really looking forward to tomorrow - Come On!

See You There!

I'll be going direct too ... meanwhile here's some Friday fun aimed at Scunners!

Researchers have finally decided how late is late - 10 minutes, 17 seconds.

That is the lateness threshold at which people feel it necessary to telephone and admit they are going to be late.

During that time, 12 babies will be born in England and Wales, there will be eight road accidents, 3,804 people will board an aeroplane and 590 million e-mails will be sent worldwide.

However, about 10% of us would not consider calling until at least 30 minutes beyond the "agreed appointment time", says the study, by motorists' website GetMeThere.co.uk.

More than 80% of people in their 50s claim they are never late for anything because they are gripped by "bus fuss" - the anxiety about being late for crucial events.

But almost 70% of young women believe it is "acceptable, if not fashionable" to be late on a first date because it makes them feel "less desperate".

On one subject, both men and women agree - they "wouldn't care" if they were late for their mother-in-law's birthday party.

RCCC Direct

Osama and I will be going direct over Owd Betts!

Thursday, May 26

Watch all the closet liverpool fans start coming out now !!

1st XI v Roch Cath Club. Meet Robin Hood (with boxing gloves) 12.30pm. M Deegan (capt), M Ablett, C Brooks, R Brooks, N Butterworth, M Cotton, P Meehan, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric, S Smith.

2nd XI v Chew Moor Brook. Meet Ground 1pm. A Smith, M Ainscoe, G Fletcher, N Fletcher, R Holt, N Hudson, M Jones, D Moriarty, S Srirangam, P Yates. Still looking for that 11th man. Any ideas ??

Smithy are we sorted with scorers ?

Wot a night!!!

TSJCC TeamTalk

It was brilliant at 3-0 i though we have no chance of getting back into it, i was stunned!!! it was brilliant

Forecast - my seaweed is dry

I've heard its a good forecast for t'weekend - hot and dry (mind you I said it'd be 0-0 last night)
It was Grand Designs on C4 for me at half time!

"Ferreeee chrosss thi Merzeeee"

Turned over at half time to watch 'Boots'n' all'.....

Well Done Mr Chairman

K Duckworth scoops the Roll Over prize - thanks to young Pete putting £1 on for him.

Wednesday, May 25

TSJCC Legends


Nick and I are setting up a new mini-website as part of the growing TSJ blogging empire ... TSJCC Legends. We'll be profiling an array of Saints past and present. See link on the right.


Noticed Robin Hood this morning with all signage taken down - are they redecorating or is the Dodge City frontage collapsing inward under the stress of too many cowboy bar brawls? Dash = Judge Roy Bean - The only law West of the Pecos....."Those pesky varmints!"

Tuesday, May 24


Remember me?? I'm currently on a course in Surrey but keeping in contact via the Business Centre in the hotel. Just wanted to pass on my congrats to Paul & (expanding) family.

Sounds like I missed all the fun on Saturday night - CDO, why did you not intervene with your crutches??

See you soon.

Congratulations Paul :)

TSJCC TeamTalk

COngratulations Paul

Mr Ainscoe

Mr Ainscoe's Q&A blog is now on the 'life in the 2nds' site, so check it out and know him better. well alittle better. Also checkout the view from 'Rowdy Hill'.
oh, and well done Paul & Helen!

showing pain = 20p

Paul - good contribution to fines - 20p from each player (creating life). 20p from you for showing pain.
Congrats to all involved.....

Great News ... and a Giggle


I think I told most people at the weekend, but for those that weren't present, I'm going to be a dad again - in November! ;-)

Also picked up a bizarre self-inflicted injury on Sunday, which any watching newsletter editors will be desperate to take note of. While participating in a rugged contact sport I smashed my lip and also cut my face. Several pints of blood loss later I was able to continue. Sounds severe doesn't it? Let this be a warning to you all. Avoid table tennis at all costs!

Monday, May 23

SO what happened?

TSJCC TeamTalk

So what exactly happened in the Robin?

Good luck Ducky

TSJCC TeamTalk

Good luck in the states Ducky and cheers for the pint ;)

It started to kick off as I was leaving dont know why though,

robin hood thuggery

remind me again why we go there.....is it Christina's baps? Stella? the witty repartee we share with the locals? Car Parking? Co-op Store? You can keep em all, thanks - bad feeling/atmosphere is one thing, but mindless in-fighting will encroach upon TSJCC's space sooner or later and in the words of Sir Dash,"I'm a lover not a fighter!"
Good luck in the states ducky! Shake Malcolm Glazers hand for me!!

What happened on saturday then?

Sad Farewell

Sorry Ducky it wasn't the greatest TSJCC send off on Sat evening. An evening that we should have all really enjoyed let down by the yobbish behavior of more than a few idiots in the Robin Hood. Hope you enjoyed the Waterside better.

Have a great time in the USA and we look forward to hearing from you here!

Dasher - What an Icon

Sunday, May 22

Committee Meeting

Don't forget the meeting this Tuessday night at 8.45pm (after training & selection) in the Royal.

Game on Monday

Bury Cricket Development Group have a game on Monday night (sorry about short notice). Martin Kay advises the team are a couple of men down. Anyone interested please don't blog but call my mobile 07939223943 during the day on Monday and I will pass your details to Martin. Normally a good game against a touring team from the midlands. Last year got beat hands down. By the way the game is at Woodbank.

Rowdy Hill

There you go folks....Mecca for them that like a good sulk. 'ROWDY HILL', now maked with signs (that white square is one). Mr Ainscoe is going to tell you more at a later date... Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20

The new David Bailey

No, not THAT one! We used to have a player called Dave Bailey at Totts you know. Anyway, for those that haven't yet seen, Nick and co have been providing match photos from most of the 2nds games, and they're fantastic - will someone try and get some for the 1sts? There's a link over on the menu now! Check out Jedi's batting and some super shots of Shunter pummelling the bowling to all corners!

Weather looking grime!

Just checked out the beeb weather forecast, and it looks at best that it could be a on/off day with light showers expected. Bugger. Still, there is still the pilgrimage to 'Rowdy Hill' to look forward too.

Thursday, May 19

Money Talks!!

Whoa Tiger.. With all this big money on offer in the multi-million rupee bonus ball how one can get some of this hi-rollin' action?


Nr 41 - Its a 'Roll Over'. Lets hope we don't do the same at the weekend eh!

Wednesday, May 18

Rochdale Butchers

Just to let everyone know - I'm having my ankle pins removed tomorrow at Highfield - so if you hear any bush-pig squealing - that'll be me!

Tuesday, May 17

Pack up and get down to Nets

Monday, May 16


Think it was Ashley who said that to an opponent ...

"That was never LBW"
"Read it in the Bury Times"

Lots of big scores over the weekend (Dalians 296!!) - and Leesy taking a hat-trick for Springhead II!?! Well I never ... pity the weekly forecast is for mainly showers, another hard track would have made next weekend's game REALLY interesting!

read it in't Times

Paul - you congratulate everyone bar the one person who could have put the run down as an extra - unfortunately, when the umpire does not signal, then the run goes to the batter and therefore against you.
You were subsequently fined for being carted........

Up, Up and Away!

Well done again to Big Bird for his century and 5 for on Saturday - what a star! Thought it was an excellent team performance, solid batting throughout, super bowling and we fielded pretty well too, capped by Nelly's great catch!

By the way, Skip, if you're reading, I'm still loose ...

For those that don't know the scores:
TSJ 229-4 (Paul 21, Dasher 19, Bird 102, Nelly 20odd, Scunners 44 no, Smithy 10 no)
Ashton 58 a/o (Bird 5-5)

And I still say that "run" in my first over was a leg bye ;-)

Sunday, May 15


TSJCC TeamTalk

Can I put pictures on my blog?

man u

Friday, May 13

Man U-sed to be

of course, there is always Man City to support, if you're really desperate....
Stretford Buccaneers gets my vote.
surely it would be black sox in that case cotters!!
Is it not Manchester Red Sox or something!!!!
who's going to ask Nick Hudson if he's going to support Salford United?

Thursday, May 12

Cheers Nick

TSJCC TeamTalk

Cheers nick

They got to be better than trainers!!!

Dan's feet

Dan i have a pair of knacked size 11's if you want....for sunday i take it?


TSJCC TeamTalk

Has anyone got a pair of either size 9 or 10 cricket boots that i could borrow on Sunday please, My dad is robbing mine,


from Dan

Tuesday night

TSJCC TeamTalk:

Where were everyone??? A beautiful tuesday night and the turn out for nets is 4, that is poor especially after both teams lost at the weekend, lets hope for a better turn out next week

Vice one Nelly

Nelly scoops this weeks Bonus Ball

Happy Birthday!

Guess who's notched up another year?

Congrats Birdy!
Lads - time now to forget last week: you can disect what happened until daisy comes home - all I know is 200 is defended more than not (esp 40 overs). With Dash winning toss and batting first get 250 on Saturday and then prove you can defend a total....
Looks like best possible 1st team - 3 batters have got 50's and Nelly is not one of 'em!
Really looking forward to it - don't let me down - COME ON!!!!

Tuesday, May 10

Selections for Weekend

1st XI v Ashton Ladysmith at Home. Meet Ground at 1pm. M Deegan(Capt), C Brooks, R Brooks, N Butterworth, M Cotton, P Duckworth, P Meehan, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric, S Smith. Scorer: K Coe
2nd XI v Broadway - Away. Meet Robin Hood at 12.45pm. A Smith (Capt), M Ablett, M Ainscoe, G Fletcher, N Fletcher, R Holt, S Hunter, M Jones, D Moriarty, S Srirangam, P Yates. Scorer: TBA
2nd XI v Greenmount - Away. Meet Greenmount CC at 1.15pm. Same team as Saturday except F Brockway and S Moriarty replace G Fletcher and S Srirangam. Scorer: TBA

Weather or not.

Whether the BBC can be trusted or not could be argued all day but if their weather forcast is right then it could be some dry conditions all week and a hint of sun even. I do hope it stays fine and drys out the wickets for some good quallity cricket...... and a return to winning ways for both teams. Roll on the weekend!!!

Monday, May 9

225 ...

Indeed, I said to several people that we should have got at least 225. We had 160odd with 10 left. Again though, we can't blame the middle/lower order, it's tough to come in and hammer it to all parts from ball 1. We should again credit Fothergills bowlers with some plaudits because they bowled well at the death to restrict us to 200.

As Dickie said ... we play our game our way and they play totally differently. We don't really have players with the kind of cross-batted hitting ability they did. More power to them for that - we just bat stylishly (he says recalling in horror the awful hoik which saw his stumps flattened) ;-)


Whilst agreeing with all your comments Paul, it is also fair to state that our score of 200 was perhaps 20 - 30 short of where it should have been from the position we were in. The short boundary on the boggy side mean't that realistically our score probably only equated to 150ish on a full size pitch. I agree that we didn't bowl at all well collectively, and therefore didn't really exert much pressure on their batsmen.

Fothergills were a much different proposition from last year, and I agree will no doubt finish in the top half this year.


There were two major reasons we couldn't defend 200 yesterday:

1. We bowled far too much rubbish; almost every other over there were 5 good balls and then one long hop/full toss which went in the lodge/over the trees etc. The figures speak for themselves, Scunners, Nel and Matt all went for 47 off their 8, Russ 35 off 7 and me 22 off 8 (though I was lucky with a couple of slips which fortunately weren't capitalised on).

2. Fothergills are a very useful batting side and the addition of new players has transformed them into a team which we all felt would be good enough for a top 6 finish. Obviously it's early days but I'd predict the top 6 teams to be Catholics, Robbies, Dalians, Ourselves, Fothergills and ELPM - Robbies are looking really strong!

Match yesterday was played in a great spirit and I'm looking forward to going up against them again.

Really wish I could have played Saturday; thankfully Helen's well on the mend now.

Next weekend

It's all a bit quite..... what when wrong yesterday lads, i thought you were in a great position? i see Roch Cath Club have not had the best of the weather and Robbies seem to be hitting some big totals.
Nevermind lads i'm sure next weekend will be a return to winning ways ...hopefully

Saturday, May 7

Rain, Rain Go Away...Please

I take it will be a case of water pool at the meadows this weekend then?

Friday, May 6

Go On!

Good Luck tomorrow folks - See you Sun.


Chris is a 'big bugger' from Bingley rather than Keighley. I know! to us Lanky's just another non descript small town in sheepsh*g land.

Let's hope that we can make his 1hr+ drive worthwhile.

In fairness to him I have said that should there be any doubt whatsoever about the game going ahead in the morning I would ring to avoid him travelling.

Bring it on!!
I can play on Sunday if needed?

So young Digger and another Yorky joining the mighty Johns, good to see new blood in the club. Looking forward to tomorrow lets hope we can continue the fantastic start to the season.

On the razzle tonight so should be in good form for tomorrow! COME ON!

Lack of Graphics!

Gents, apologies for lack of graphics, my internet site is currently down, no idea when it'll be back - out of my hands alas.

Why is the CDO scoring for the 2s - surely he's been a major factor in our wins to date with his banter?

doesnt matter

TSJCC TeamTalk

I hadnt seen the first team selection,
Keighley = highest rate of crime per head in GB.
Keighley = whatever the reverse of a jewel in the crown is (to Yorkshire).
Ask him if he drinks at the Rat Pit, or Champers nightclub; if he does - he's well hard!

Thursday, May 5

Yorkshire invades Lanky

Finalised team selections for weekend.
1st XI v West Leigh Meths (Away). Meet Robin Hood at 12.30pm. M Deegan (c), M Ablett, C Brooks, R Brooks, Chris Capstick, M Cotton, Danny Deegan, P Duckworth, P Meehan, C Parkinson, P Skundric. Scorer - K Brooks.
2nd XI v Cheetham Hill (Home). Meet ground 1pm. A Smith (c), M Ainscoe, G Fletcher, N Fletcher, R Holt, S Horner, S Hunter, M Jones, D Moriarty, S Srirangam, P Yates. Scorer - K Coe.
1st XI v Fothergill & Harvey (Calverley Cup) (Home). Meet ground 1pm. M Deegan (c), C Brooks, R Brooks, N Butterworth, P Duckworth, P Meehan, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric, S Smith, AN Other. Scorer - K Brooks.

Danny - What do you mean about your last comment ?

Been difficult this week but I think we got their with a couple of new faces in the 1sts with little dasher joining the ranks together with another Yorkshire man Chris Capstick an opening batsmen from Keighley. Please give them a warm welcome !!

Matt Abblett?

TSJCC TeamTalk

Is matt unavailable for Saturday?

Matt Abblett?

TSJCC TeamTalk

Is matt unavailable for Saturday?

Thanks to the Dungeon

Many Thanks to Sandie at the Dungeon Pub for sponsoring a Cricket Ball - the contribution is much appreciated.

Another winner

Congratulations to C Fletcher who picks up £13 on the Bonus Ball.

Wednesday, May 4


Genesis? Exodus more like ... from your pocket in enormous fine-age for that comment!

Nick's pics/Cheetham Hill bowler

Personally Paul, I thought he looked like a 1972 version of Peter Gabriel in Genesis performing 'Watcher of the Skies' in the batwing costume! (only with the headpiece upside down) If I've lost anyone here, just ask and I'll bring some photos.

Tuesday, May 3

Get the sleeping bags out!!!

TSJCC TeamTalk

We will play Fothergill and Harvey away in the Stokes cup 2nd round. We also play them on the saturday at their ground in the league

Taking the (Mick)

Nice photos, Nick, and particularly good to see the CHCC bowler with the blue neck brace; enormous!

Great performance on Saturday, apart from 5 or 6 overs near the death when we made EV's score look respectable. Once again, great contributions from the batters and some tought bowling when needed! Plus a memorable catch from Scunners.

Only ourselves and Dalians won at the weekend, the weather beat the rest, so we're currently sitting right at the top! We must carry our form through the coming weekend, keep our league position intact and assure progress in the cup.


Just posted a few more pic's from 2nds cup win on sunday on 'life in the 2nds' (click on 2nds photo on right), if anyone wants a look!
Superb win at the weekend things are looking good, top of the league!!!

What happened on Sunday? Sorry Smiffffy I wasn't in work on Friday but thanks for your kind words! I can tell you base you own game on mine!

Monday, May 2

Bobby Loomba - 50 years young

Spoke to Bobby to night. He is hosting a party at Greenmount CC next Saturday night to celebrate his birthday. All TSJers are invited and I said I would help pass the word round.