Wednesday, January 26

Chaps, the 1st XI fixtures are now available and can be accessed from the left menu or above. Cliff informs me that the 2nd XI fixtures aren't yet "set in stone"! Please be aware that there is a league double header in June, as well as cup double header(s) in May.

Friday, January 21

Well played the whites!

Thursday, January 20

What chance an england win at centurion park? englands form has made the season seem far away.....i wanna play now!
has anyone seen or heard from cotters, he hasnt written anything in ages?
Further to KC's message, the dates and times of nets are posted above! We do NOT want a repeat of Westleigh, might be good for us to get a tough game first up! Bring on the footy tonight!
cricket is coming......get your bats oiled, your bellies flat, your backs strong (Clive!) - cos its gonna be a hard slog (Russ). Nets are gonna be the 4 weeks leading up to season (Clive to confirm) - 2 hours 8-10 Thursday nights - we need to be more prepared than last year (anyone remember West Leigh?).

Monday, January 17

Fantastic! welcome to the rollercoster ride that is england. just listen to the final days test and boy have i enjoyed it. well done boys......... now i best do some work..... where did i put that scalpel!
Richard, a very nice day yesterday all round, thoroughly enjoyable.

Come on England, South Africa teetering here at 90-5! Get Gibbs and it's all over. Can Hoggy grab all ten!?
congrats to James Peacock on his Christening - good work fella!

Friday, January 14

Clive - the caretaker has found some bones down the left wing - are they yours you mad whirling dervish?
Well played whites - finished better than us = difference between sides.
Prolonged good spells by the Whites easily saw off an undisciplined display by the Rag Tags, despite General CDO's best efforts to square up foot soldiers Cliff and DP

Thursday, January 13

good effort by key and an excellent start with that man strauss again doing the biz! all we need now is an innings of note by the skipper.
Strauss is at it again!! ;-)

Anyone know the teams for tonight's run around frenzy?

Tuesday, January 11

I agree with paul, a 36 year old aussie is not the answer. i'm not to sure if there is a problem at no 3 yet as we have not tried all the options, like Bell and to be fair Key. we have to give these boys their chance and not just 5 mins but a reasonable time to ajust to test cricket. it's not going to help if they think it a once chance offer then bring in the next!

Q. does Bell bowl abit?
A belated happy New Year to Mitchy, who's signed our guestbook! Good lad - hope to see you up at the Meadows this year??

Nick raises an interesting Q - I'd have loved to have seen Law in the England side, but probably not now - now's the time for looking at Bell and Pietersen, as I don't think Butch and Key are the answer for number 3 now. Personally I'd get Vaughan back opening and put Strauss at 3 - or even move Tresco down the order where he's less susceptible to the new ball.

Looking forward to footy again this week, feel a little sharper for last week's run out!

Friday, January 7

I see stuart law is now an englishman, does that mean his batting form will now go down the pan?
Well I feel fit enough in an energy sense, but I fear the Christmas excesses have negated the extra half yard of pace I seemed to gain before the end of the year - will have to cut back again! The footballing brains are all there, but we're all a bit sluggish - what happened to Pearcey last night!?! Ragtags were ahead for most of the game but we just nicked it with 3 late goals.

Thought Cliff did well for the Ragtags but my MOM was Craig, who was excellent throughout.
Should I be aching this much??
well played all - whites just about scraped home. My knees are knackered!

Wednesday, January 5

I think we can all agree that the sight of anyone whipping your arse would be most displeasing. When England blob tomorrow I'll be £20 up after betting that SA would win one test at least against us (this was immediately after we stuffed em in the 1st test). Up the Pollocks!
England are right in the ...... well put your own word of choice there. bloody tipical england, you think you are seeing a team that could put english cricket at the top of the tree, then ......well enough said. please be just a blip, i've just got conformation of my ticket for third test, 2nd day against australia @ old trafford and dont want to watch aussies wipping are arses.

Tuesday, January 4

P.S. In reply to Nick's message below, I am up for the 20.20 clash - good idea, young Fletch, and a very happy new year to you and yours - hope you enjoyed your first Christmas with a young one as much as we did with Ollie!!
Yes indeed, a very happy new year to all. Hope Santa was kind!

Like KC, I'm immensely looking forward to footy, though I fear the constant cycle of nibbles, choocies, nibbles, lazing about, nibbles, choccies and nibbles has done serious damage to my pre-xmas fitness campaign. Will just have to start all over again ;-)

Come on you whites!
Hapy new year one and all! Looking forward to footie (though fat and slow).
Year of the Rag Tags - my arse!!!

Looks like the only change will be Pearcy back for Richard's mate (famous last words)

Any cry offs to Clive or my home no. - I am off work decorating this week.

See you all Thursday.