Friday, January 30

For those who weren't there last night, or missed it, we're out on Saturday night to celebrate the arrival of young James Peacock.

Meet at the Robin Hood, Totty, from 8pm.
Great game last night chaps - I REALLY enjoyed it - seems a couple of weeks off makes you appreciate it more - thanks due to Scoop for getting me back in (Rugby can f### off, I'm too old anyway!). Looking forward to Saturday night and to AGM, but most of all getting almost giddy about the cricket season - should be fever pitch by the time nets come round - COME ON!

Thursday, January 29

Kieran, yes I've watched most of it, and totally agree re lamby. I'd forgotten just how destructive he could be - square cuts through mid-off!!! Must try that ...

We went round to see young James Peacock last night - gorgeous! Had a lovely time there, can report that Dickie is a very doting father!

Looking forward to footy tonight - how many do we have?
Soods good to me but what time and where?
Get razzed, feel rough next day.....?
Whats the plan then for saturday does anybody know?

Wednesday, January 28

Paul - have you watched Gooch's vid yet? I particularly like the bit when 'Legger' Lamb shows Goochie how to hit a ball....only maybe Boon who has had a better square cut?
I'm free for baby head wetting on Saturday night, and hopefully Helen's dad will be able to join us too!

Tuesday, January 27

Dicky / Scoop - available / available - wetting / footy - if selected / if selected.
I've got a pass out for this weekend sarah's away! Good timing !!
Scoopster, Andy's fine for this week.

Monday, January 26

Evening all.

Mr Peacock wishes it to be known that on Saturday 31 January 2004 he shall be indulging in the ancient tradition of 'wetting the babies head'. Time and venue to be advised but book out your diaries.

No cry offs so far for Thursday. Will do some ringing around and post team later in week.

Paul - Andy's availability?

Saw Phil Yates down at Gigg Lane on Saturday looking a lot better (not that he looked that great anyway!). It was like the good old days with Rowdy, scoffer & mozzer especially when scoffer & rowdy had their first argument 3 minutes after kick off.
Alas the Pingu game seems to have vanished, and no-one can find it! If anyone knows of any equally daft games, get the links posted on here!

Thursday, January 22

322.9 come on!! so near yet...............!
1. Nice one Richard & Kay!!
2. Will he be available for the 2's this season?
3. What's this crap about bashing penguins? I thought you Internet guys were more into 'choking chickens'?
Only jealous, can't get any nearer to your high score.
Next season when you're batting imagine Keith Lees bowling a big fat penguin at you, the runs will start to flow I'm sure.
Now then, I just received a most amusing email from Nick Fletcher ... thought I'd share it with you all.

paul, paul, paul.

what have you done! hope hospital theatres have ground to a halt!

the reason?

an infection, of which YOU are the course!

the name of this infection?

pingu basharitus!!!

infected cases stand and stare in to a monitor unable to move except for flicker of their right index finger. patients are being negected, if this gets out it could bring the nation to its knees.........

top stuff paul. hope hospital best is 321 by myself and one other........ but i mean it people are addicted to it.

scary...your life in their hands.


That's not very charitable now is it!!
along with bowling, batting & fielding!!
Your right english isn't my strongest subject!
Clearly not for writing clear English ;-)
Well you know i always new a had some kind a talent!
Osama - well done, that is in fact the maximum possible score!!!
323.5 beat that mother!!
321 best so far, bloody addictive though, who have they modelled the "batter" on? Clive? Its certainly got his technique !
Sad question Dicky - do you want a travel cot? OCO, GSOH, etc
Eventually got onto it, absolute genius!!! 321.1 is my best so far.
Dickie dropped by our house last night. delighted to say that the new father is proud as punch and was positively raving about how wonderful it is to be a new father. Mind you, he did look shattered!

Even more excellent news, he's likely to be at footy tonight!
Gutted I can't open the link!!

Wednesday, January 21

I'm a real sucker for these games - fly pingu, fly!
Okay hands up if you think CDO is going to use this as an excuse for turning up late next season ...

"Sorry chaps, I was up til all hours last night buffing the beak ..." ;-)
I like to T#at it high and see it plant itself - but you don't get the distance. Best to get it in-between so that it just doesnt plant, but bounce skims.
There is a whole new vocabulary out there for this sport - smacking, flipper, icing the bird, planting, buffing the beak.....
321 so far, but it's fiendishly difficult. Far more satisfying to play a cultured penguin along the floor!
Cheers, CDO ...

OK it's time for a fantastic new game ... smack the penguin. This has to be seen to be believed; comic genius. Click to launch the penguin, click to hit it, see how far you can get it. Post your high scores here!

Pingu smashing
Due to the new arrival and my inclusion in footy I've got quite giddy!!
Paul - Pic at footy for you - also I've my bestest video to lend you (no - the legal one!) - Gooch's Indian Summer. If you're there, Dicky, tell Kay I'll be letting Beverley win on Saturday as a mark of respect to her (she is from there?). Actually they are top of the league with 14 wins from 14 and we're bottom with 1 from 14 so the jesture is fairly meaningless!
Well done all! Another Yarkshire lad fut club!

Just had email from Andy to say he's not available ...
Many congratulations, Richard and Kaye!

It's wonderful news - all love and best wishes, from the Doc, Helen and "Bump"
Well done Dickie - pass on our Best Wishes to Kaye and James.
Good scene dickie P! All the best from myself and sazzle!
Absolutely fantastic and TKB - congratulations from myself, Helen and Family. Enjoy every minute mate and pass on our best wishes to Kay and James (not that he'll have a bloody idea what going on!!).

I will assume you're not available for football this week.

The only changes this week are Kieran in for Nick Hud and A N Other (I will sort) in for the new Father.

See you all on Thursday.


Hello Folks.

Kaye has just given birth to a Boy (James Edward) 8 lb 1 oz, eventually by section.
Both doing TKB.
Off to Bed

PS Paul can you remove that Farther Christmas Hat!

Tuesday, January 20

Scott - I am once more thrown at the mercy of your selection policy - use me as you will....

Monday, January 19


Friday, January 16

It's only fair to give credit to the "mixeds" for a great performance last night - we got a good stuffing. The loss of Ash didn't exactly help, nor did Dickie Peacock's superhuman "final week before the kids arrive" effort - top notch, Dickie! We did our best, but next week we'll need to raise our game again!!!

Well done to Cliff for arriving at 9.45 again! ;-)

BTW, who's got my cup final picture? CDO?

Thursday, January 15

That indeed is sad news!!

It's with some sadness that I have to report that Bobby Loomba is leaving us. He has been offered the job of 3rd team captain at Greenmount, had he not accepted the team may well have disbanded.

Although he was only with us a short time, Bobby made a big impression at the Johns, with his warmth, friendliness and top-notch keeping. He is a tremendous bloke and we will sorely miss him, on and off the field. Let's hope Bobby makes his way down to the Meadows when other commitments allow, because he'll always get a warm welcome.

On behalf of us all, many thanks for your efforts last year Bobby, and hope to see you soon!
Scott,this is Mark using Russ's login.I don't know if i am included in the 12 you mentioned on Monday but due to other commitments i can't make it tonight.Apologies for the short notice.I will definitely be available for every Thursday from next week if/when needed.

Tuesday, January 13

I'm at NEC wed. through to sunday - KBB Bathroom Exhibition building a stand (10m x 8m) so up to my nad sack in work......

Monday, January 12

Guys - next newsletter is already on the go ready for publication in time for the AGM. Already 'packed' with info, I still need some rumours and gossip for the following issue which should coincide with the opening fixtures. If there's enough, we could go for another bumper 8 page job (or I could just use bigger print). Cheers.
Andy is ok for this week, unless his flight's cancelled and he's stranded in Lanzarote!
Morning All

Availability for the following please:

Nick H

Looks like we may have a 12 on Thursday so don't go changing any plans just to attend!!!



Friday, January 9

Check out Ruud Gullit with his "Sexy Football"
Cracking game of footy last night, with the re-emergence of the harmonious cheeky whites (Skip, Vice, Flash, Scoop and Jonah) giving an almighty first 40 minute tanking to the mixeds (Freddie, Mozzer, Oggy, Dickie P and young Jedi) - credit to our opponents, they came back hard at us for a good 15 minute spell, but there was some very sexy football early doors!

Thursday, January 8

Not sure about stand up, but I'm sure there will be a few comedy routines tonight!
I'll tell you what Dr P have thought of doing stand up!!
A new year, but no new jokes....
It's what Jonathan Ross gets if he leaves open the door ...
Whats a dwaft then Cliff??

Wednesday, January 7

Happy New Year to you all & your families. Hope you all enjoyed the newsletter. I am not responsible for the squirrel joke, although I would be quite proud of it.

Anyway footy tomorrow. Scott has asked me to make final arrangements while he watches Bolton get stuffed by MUFC.
This is the way I see it unless any knows any different.

Skudders or Mozzers mate

What a bunch - it sounds like the 7 dwafts. Who's bashful ?? Or should that be Ashful !!

Tuesday, January 6

Scoop - apols for this, but Mark is now available if required for footy this week

Monday, January 5

Happy New Year one and all...

By eck I've got you lot well trained!!! No need to prompt!!!

I'll do some ringing round and post the likely team on Wednesday.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Folks and Happy new Year!
Scoop I am OK for football Thurs...Birth permitting...I'll ring you.
Had a great Christmas but hopefully we will get out for that drink sometime.
Cannot blog during the day for a while until I get on line at the M60
See you Thurs.
the valley a bad name.....tee hee!
Why, Nick, would I be going to see Grease with my wife (1. I've seen enough of my close family this xmas. 2. I've seen enough PAP also this 'telly' xmas. 3. I live in a close - not in a street or in your 'kin valley!).
Happy New Bloody Year.
Happy New year gentlemen!

Hope everything went well. Nick I wouldn't go shouting that out if I were you, you'll give the valley a bad name!!! CDO its easy to make you bite even if your in a bad mood or not!!
off to see grease myself tonight. i thought you would be going with the wife to see it too kieran. just up your street.
CDO is not available as he's looking after youngest child whilst wife enjoys herself (taking half of school to watch Grease). Is any else as grumpy as me today? I am in such a mood it will be a lot easier than normal to get me to bite!

I am ok for footy, but Andy's not - he's off to Lanzarote to kick some locals there ...
Happy New Year to all you Johner's out there.

Scoop - Mark can't make footy on Thurs.

Friday, January 2

just recieved my copy of "at the crease". got to say good effort except for the squirral joke....oh dear. i thought last seasons 2nd team arrangement for the captancey was quite clear!
so perhaps we should nominate mr ainscoe for new year honour too. sevices to literature.......and the improvement of oppositions batting averages. remember westleigh away....i know my figures were bad too but yours were worse!
effort mike
suppose i must be in for some recignition for last years captancey effort for the 2's. look i got a couple of points.

Thursday, January 1