Tuesday, August 31

BEST to Big G for a rapid recovery.
Saturday availability - I should be OK for an end of season blast against EV although having said that I'm struggling with my neck/shoulder/muscular trouble I've had all year. (age y'know).
Also should have some prices for 2nd team cup photos so anyone reading who wants one, bring your cash.
Is 5 a side starting this week or was it an ugly rumour?
What happened yesterday?

Great result Sat with Glodwick beating Robbies - well done! Assuming we play to our potential on sat, that's 3rd place ... and that's a huge game for Catholics/Rochdalians at the weekend!
Don't you just hate Groundsmen! (Except Clive) - I sometimes think they forget they are in charge of a Cricket Pitch and not Kew Gardens.

Hope G Fletcher continues his recovery.
does anyone know availability for this weekend? 2 games same day so poss. problems.

Monday, August 30

Advance notice of next committee meeting :
Tuesday 7th September at the Old Dungeon Inn commencing at 8pm. Minutes and agendas available at weekend.

Sunday, August 29

Thanks for the well wishers regarding the old man, he's feels fine and just wants to get out of hospital asap! it's day 5 without a cig so spare a thought ;-) , though he has now got a nicotine patch.
for the rammy supporters at the club they beat rawtenstall with 5 balls to spare in the final of the floodlight challenge in an entertaining, if not slightly wet affair. the curry afterwards finished off a splendid evening.

Friday, August 27

Osama, can you let us into some fraternity secrets, please? From now on, forget the Osama tag, you are to be known exclusively as "Kappa Mu"

Matt's frat past!
Some positive news from Nick; Graham's doing fine but bored and aching to be out of hospital! Nick also informs me that:

tonight rawtenstall are playing ramsbottom (i think) at home in the final of the rossendale floodlight cricket cup, it starts at 1800 and is 20, 8 ball overs aside, £2 per person and is good
fun if it doesnt rain!

Matt, what are you nervous about? It's not like you'll be bowling or batting above number 11 anyway ;-)
The game is on Monday. Clive is a dick. All the best to Fletch Senior.
Speedy recovery Mr Fletcher!

I'm getting really nervous about these last few games! I don't think i'll sleep tonight so i'd better get leathered like last week! COME ON!!!!

I tried that game that chadders posted and i'm REALLY crap at it. My best was about 10 or so. I guess nothing changes there then, well apart from I can't get 10!
Is the Greenmount game now Sunday - thought it was Monday??? Has the team been finalised?

For those that haven't heard, Graham Fletcher has suffered what docs have said is a mild heart attack. I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing him a full and speedy recovery, and also send our best to Nick and family at this time.

On a less serious note, we will be joined by some new TSJ bloggers soon! Looking forward to that.
getting it on? oooooo er!
I say lets play in't mud!
Another very wet night - What are the chances of getting it on tomorrow Clive?
Crompton Meadows must be more like Crompton Paddy Fields again this morning.

Thursday, August 26

thus says our best batsmen - physician heal thyself! (moral high-ground achieved by having scored 5 more runs).
It's time for the batsmen to step up and be counted this weekend. Our bowlers have consistently done the job all season, with few exceptions, now we need the batting to come off for 3 games and we'll end the season riding high. If we win the next 2 games the final weekend will be VERY interesting indeed!
looking forward to weekend - good weather forecast. 2nd place is ours for the taking!

Tuesday, August 24

Teams for weekend (remember all games now commence at 1.30pm)
Sat 1sts XI V Failsworth meet ground at 12.30pm : P Meehan (c), C Brooks, R Brooks, M Chadwick, K Coe, M Cotton, M Deegan, A Parkinson, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric. Res: TBA
Sun Select XI v Greenmount (The Bobby Loomba Testimonial Match). Meet Greenmount 12.30pm : FROM - K Coe, C Brooks, R Brooks, M Ablett, M Jones, N Fletcher, G Fletcher, P Skundric, M Cotton, N Hudson, P Yates, M Ainscoe, A Smith, R Peacock, M Deegan.
Osama, it'll match the pea brain then won't it? Sorry, too easy.

Very odd - do we have a transsexual in our ranks? Who is Julie Entwistle and where are the rest of you?
Bad news people the beard has gone! I've got a pea head!!
Did you know that Odin is Thor's Dad? So actually, Thor would say ...


which somehow doesn't seem quite as, well, manly, does it? On the other hand it's quite conceivable that Odin might say ...

VIKING ALERT - nothing less than full viking attire (head to toe) will suffice for the 11/09/04. A whispy beard and horny helmet may seem a giggle now but raping and pillaging requires 100% commitment to authenticity, or as Thor (God of Thunder) would say - "AAAAARRRGGH - ODIN!!!!"
Aaahh....maybe....was hoping to be there with the campcorder gathering 'material' for the next newsletter ('End of season special').....
258-8 - Test Match batsman (as long as they don't bowl short outside off stump I guess!)
36 all out - I'm a sunday league loser!
Oh - I'm available if required for Greenmount - I think Mike Ainscoe may be sniffing for a game too.

Monday, August 23

Cliff, I'll sort Digger out shortly.

Chaps, what a astonishingly bad batting session that was on Saturday - as ever we bowled and fielded really well, but from 20-0 we just had a collective mare didn't we?

Time to herald Saturday's late order hero - well done Craig. By his own admissions he's not had a good year and not enjoyed his batting at all, so what a joy it was to see him stand tall and bash the winning runs on Saturday - a vital vital 5 points, one which keeps us in contention for 2nd and also means that's another player who can justifiably claim to have played a big part in a win - what a great collective effort this season has become. Well done, Ex-Vice! And of course well done all the bowlers for doing superbly in wet conditions, and Ash too for his good batting.
Congratulations for saturday troops. Flash has divulged all the strange shenanigans on the cricket pitch.. And i must say, well done for saturday evening.. Strange days..
One for you cricketing buffs... I had a look at this and managed to reach my usual single figure scoreline..


Excellent! I didn't think I was that laced!
£2.00 Dicky P. for various misdemeanours inc. not turning up, flora conversations, pain, etc. Matt Cott was £3.50 (cake).

I don't have the precise ordinance survey co ordinates, however if it helps I think you fell into the compost heap of the big white house on Holcombe Road - Whitebirk House?

Excellent night made up for the dire game of cricket which preceeded it.

Congratulations to Matty Ablett are due for making it in one piece to the 2nds game on Sunday!!

Kieran your nethers must have strange powers - turned into a loony when you left.

Really don't remember that! Where did this happen?
Didn't think you were into Gardening Matt!

CDO - What was the damage regarding my fines Sat?

Sunday, August 22

Password for the bog?????

Amusing incident on the way home from the pub on Saturday night....

Myself, Big Bird and Osama are wandering up Holcombe Road when myself and Russ realised Matt had disappeared. We turned around to find him collapsed via a bush into a front garden. Once he had composed himself he announced 'Oh, I don't know what happened there??'
Still in with a shout of runner-up spot with Rochdailians beaten by Robbies yesterday. Excellent news !!!

Paul - can you provide Digger with a bog password. He asked me last week. Cheers

Thursday, August 19

Very much (C) the English Blue Bell at Fothergills - Oh how I wish it was still May and them in full bloom!
By the way my folks are over on Sat and therefore I will go straight to the ground.

If we were to list everything you miss, we'd be here until Doomsday ;-)

On a more serious note, we're at Fothergills on Saturday and you know what that means ...

Wednesday, August 18

Wot do u mean by that CDO ? Have I missed something ?
oooo is yer rhubarb moist Clive?

Tuesday, August 17

Can we not delay the delivery of the newsletter ?Everytime we take receipt of it at an 1st XI away fixture it rains. Take ELPM and Springhead for example.

We need those player profiles back from Dickie, Digger and Nellie for inclusion in next editions.
newsletter ready to print so should be av. weekend. Next one, including cup final stuff nearly ready also - Mike: are we eventually going daily (broadsheet or tabloid)?

Monday, August 16

Really? Not actually tasted the cake itself but chose the fillings etc.
Osama - Aren't you suppose to wait until the wedding to try the Cake?
Morning all,

Well done the 2s on another great win yesterday.

A poor batting performance on Saturday against Dalians - if only Ash, Russ and Nick had been available we would have made a far better fist of things - too many rash shots (I count myself most culpable there) against an attack that was never overly threatening but steady. Thought we did well to keep a very strong batting side to 182 on that wicket, especially as our bowlers were severely depleted - no Ash, Bird or Osama, myself with an injury, and Scunners not having bowled that many overs all season.

There's a 7 point gap between ourselves and Robbies - let's regroup for the next 3 games, all very winnable - Fothergills, Failsworth, Elton Vale - and let's make sure we finish in third, which will represent a tremendous achievement with all the selection problems of the year.
No probs mike! You will all be glad that i have purchased my cake and its very nice indeed! Bring on the weekend!
bet I've got the biggest horns on me helmet! Clive I've got you a helmet/shield combo also. Need to get sheepskin rug for jacket now.

Friday, August 13

Cheers Matt. I take that as a compliment, although I was actually meant to be Robert Plant from the mighty Zep. In fact as we speak, I'm cultivating the very same look. As for picture 2, that's pure 80's isn't it? I seem to possibly recall that as being in some bar in Bangor (Uni time). Being surrounded by bottles - very impressive again. Nice cardigan too!!! Kieran - is that now 1 all? and well done on searching those out. I think that the race is on for more 'blasts from the pasts' guys.
is there anybody out there? or have I got a crap 'puter?

Wednesday, August 11

more like Justine from 'curly hur' shop.
Mike, you look like Justin from The Darkness!
Greetings All,
Unlucky on the Glodwick game. Ash informs me that it was a calculated injury feigning.
Even though i have returned from wanderings i am unavailable for this week's big match up.
I shall however wish you all the best, keeping up the good work and i'll be back in the frame, selection withstanding, for next week.
Bonid Barbie
1st team selection for the weekend - Sat v Rochdalians (H), meet ground 1pm

Doc P (c), CDO, Ex-Vice, Cliff, Digger, Dickie P, Nelly, Scunners Boom Boy, Mozzer, Surf Boy Chadders, Young Jedi

And now, revenge is indeed a dish best served cold, and here at editorial Towers we think this is a blinder. Remember the "schoolboy Kieran" pics in the last newsletter? We can now go one better with these ... and yes, that is Denise Coe impersonating Rod Stewart in picture 2! Anyone like to suggest some captions?

Tuesday, August 10


Very spooky! More to the point, how many's Big Bird got cos we need to catch him up! Also, can you email me Digger's address so I can add him to various things?


Monday, August 9

Finished updating the 1st XI averages and they make spooky reading. Nellie, Dr P and CDO have all scored exactly 294 league runs. Who will go ahead after the Dalians match ?
Just had an e-mail from Dasher that I thought I would share with you.

Well done second eleven, brilliant breakfast and a good days cricket,
Been drinking Stella again with Scunners, went home and burnt the F***ing jam again.
Digger Deegan

TSJCC Exclusive!

What a day it's turning out to be - we've got a new insider scoop. You think the battling Brooks boys are just adept at blowing the clarinet and sax? Think again, as you witness their infamous Pop idol audition. You'll need your speakers turned on for this one ...

Brooks Boys in Top Gear

Anyone care to guess who they're singing about? Prize for the best guess ...
Many thanks to Dickie P and his camera for the following images. Here we have an exclusive of that man Scunners in action ...

Everything looks ok ...

Send in Scunners ...


and thanks also to a mystery contributor, who I am not allowed to reveal, here we have a picture of some of our Saturday "friends" ...

not at me best today - Lees bitter is OK all day long, but Stella takes you places you do not want to go, trust me.
Assuming Paul, Dickie & CDO are not feeling hugely sarcastic this morning I am believing the 2nd's picked up the pot yesterday.

Well done lads.
Many congrats 2nds ...

Looks like Scunners has found his natural level, haha! ;-)

We had a brief chat with the Dalians boys yesterday - they're confident and raring to go for next week. After Saturday's debacle at Glodwick, which I'm sure we're all biting our tongues over, it'll be nice to get back to a game of proper cricket!
Thanks for the cake hmmm lovely!
Super Stuff team two. Hope everybody's heads are clearer than CDO's.
beer, beer we want more beer! got to work - no cuff links, feel like LLB from changing rooms. I am still **ssed. Well done the 2's!!!

Friday, August 6

Ashley's just informed me that Chadders is still on holiday so it looks like Cotters/Rowdy are moving up tomorrow ... Osama, you're with the big boys fella!!

Thursday, August 5

Those all important teams for the Cup Final weekend.
Sat 7th Aug
1sts away at Glodwick. Meet Robin Hood at 12.30pm. P Meehan, C Brooks, R Brooks, N Butterworth, M Chadwick, K Coe, M Deegan, A Parkinson, C Parkinson, R Peacock, P Skundric. Res: M Cotton
2nds at Home to Chew Moor Brook. Meet Ground 1pm. M Jones, M Ablett, M Ainscoe, M Cotton, R Holt, S Horner, N Hudson, S Hunter, N Fletcher, D Moriarty, A Smith. Res: P Yates
2nds V Fothergill & Harvey at Woodbank C C. Meet at Robin Hood 10.30am for Breakfast. S Moriarty, M Ablett, M Ainscoe, G Fletcher, N Fletcher, R Holt, N Hudson, M Jones, P Skundric, A Smith, P Yates. 12th man: S Hunter
Well it's set to be an absolute jaffa this weekend with lovely warm temps and so on, no doubt I'll be bowling 20 overs uphill into the Sun but hey ho ... have just had a brilliant pressie popped down in front of me by er indoors with instructions to bring it to cricket. It's one for you, Dickie!

Tickety Boo tea
Personally I'm hoping the diet coke's chilled la!
Gutted does that mean i'm going to have drink all day sunday and watch the cup final la!
Cracking Forecast for the weekend Folks - looks like it might turn out nice again, so lets
Slip on a shirt
Slap on a Hat
Slop on the cream
Bring home the Bacon and hope the beers chilled at Woodbank!

Nowt gets you keener than being off - COME ON!!!! PITCH IT UP!!!!

Wednesday, August 4

Good luck to the 2's - you can count on some loud Yorkshire support from me!

Tuesday, August 3

Matt's gone all Scouse on us! Lock up your daughters! Fasten on your car wheels! Remove piles of bricks from his presence! Don't let him grow a mop top, no sorry no chance there!
ta la?
You can tell he's back! Oh I've still not seen the last TSJ handout will someone bring one tonight ta la!
Hey! That's my 9th wicket batting partner you're talking about; I can confirm he was most definitely batting and running for the Johns boys on saturday! ;-). Although perhaps bowling for the Catholics in his first over, arf arf!
cheeky boys....chosing a cake.....Q: are you batting for the other side?
They are a cheeky bunch them dalians boys eh! Defo available for this saturday (if required) but not for the dalians game. Can't get out of the party we're choosing the wedding cake that day aswell. Should be at nets/selection at 7ish.
Oooh, the Dalians boys have invaded - see guestbook! You're very welcome, fellas. Indeed, we have slipped to 3rd after the weekend results and there are some pretty big clashes coming up. Parky's Glodwick boys are not actually that far behind us either, so we need to make sure we do the business on Saturday, when we'll thankfully be back at full strength again.

It's an intriguing league this year - just look at the scores from the weekend!! ELPM losing, Fothergills(!!) scoring 300+ ... and Failsworth chasing 250 to win!

Big selection meeting tonight ahead of weekend clashes - I am aiming to be there for about 7.

Monday, August 2

hi all - must get a good turn out at nets tuesday - ALL places up for grabs!

Put Saturday into perspective - outclassed by a stronger side - and let's get back into the winning habit next weekend. We took 5 points from tough very tough games (Robbies, catholics) and we'd probably have settled for that. We're in second with 6 games to go and we must put in some tough performances now until the end of the season.

Let's get cracking at Glodwick next weekend eh?

Welcome back CDO!
Welcome Back CDO! - Good Holiday?