Tuesday, May 30


A big thankyou to all who purchase their clothing over the weekend. Approx £500 collected and most of the garments distributed.

If you have not managed to see me this week, please do so as soon as possible - I still have a few 20/ 20 kits in the boot, for which we need the cash (the club has already had to pay the bill).

I will bring down the spare garments with me this weekend (I know there was some interest from Pilky, Nellie and Chris Payton). I have 2 rain jackets (both XL I think) and 2 or 3 cricket shirts (L & XL).

I will also arrange for another order list to be started so that a further order can be placed if anyone else is interested.

Cup woe

Thought we were just a bit undercooked with the bat, but an excellent mid-innings performance with the ball (especially Bird and Scunners) to almost pull one out of the hat. Both teams were a couple of players down, would any of them made the difference? Very well batted Big Bird too, another great knock!

The arm's feeling ok, but very stiff - hopefully should be ok for Dalians on Saturday!

Friday, May 26

New clothing

Prices are confirmed as follows:

Rain Jacket (most appropriate) £22

Training tee shirt £11

Shorts £11 (previously quoted £12)

Cricket shirts £16 (previously quoted £18)

I will have the garments with me on both Saturday and Sunday, and at the Robin after the game. Please bring the cash if you expect to take your garments.

I will also have the coloured clothing and for those yet to furnish Clive / Richard with the £25 cost of that we will again require payment prior to release of goods.


If you read this, I have neither your email nor phone no. and I want to get a copy of the photo with you and the Golden Duck - the front cover awaits. (it's either that or you 'astride' the tractor thingy).
Can you possibly get it to me somehow - i'll be at the robin when you guys meet tomorrow, or you could email me at mainscoe@yahoo.co.uk

If anyone out there sees this, could they possibly pass the message to Ricardo. CHEERS

Thursday, May 25

A taste of Sunday ...

Anyone like to see this on Sunday?

Those little Sri Lankans ...

"they'll be *****ing like big, black alsatians" at the moment with Mahmood, Hoggy, Freddie and Plunkers tearing through them. 82-8 at time of posting!

Is there anyone here who doesn't know what that quote comes from!? ;-)

Back to work now, I've spent half the morning being terrorised by those "bloody pigeons of Bills"

Seconds out ...

Round 2.

Forget the club banter, get over to RCC's blog and harrass young Danny ;-)

Clive's birthday

Anyone going to Clive's birthday party should in no way accept an egg mayo or (especially) coronation chicken sandwich. They aree likely to have been mae with the weekend's leftovers from unmade teas which expired on 24th May and will be both toxic and highly volatile (in a very Dan Brown anti-matter way).

...looking forward to hearing about the banter with RCC on Sunday...will anyone actually talk to each other or will players be texting and phoning on the pitch, or just saving it up for when they can get home and blog their insults from the safety of their living rooms. The newsletter is dead....talk is cheap...long live the internet...

Wednesday, May 24

Catholic Club!!!

Check out Catholic clubs blog!! it mentions this dispute!!!



My god!!! End this now!!!

I aint gonna ring because frankly the matter doesnt affect me!!!

I still waiting to hear what this breakdown in the communication was!!!

Anger management here come

Danny - seeing as though you will not ring me on this - can I point out that I did not ever say that the Abbers issue is a selection committee only issue - please read the blog - it refers to the Cotters issue being a selection issue - does it not?
The Abbers issue was sorted (prior to your insensitive blog) by the committee because Abbers sent a letter to the committee. Got it? Move on.


What can I say this has definitely been one of the entertaining days ever, i'm hooked!!! Love it!! Whats next then???


Can I put all this in the next newsletter????
CDO has one in hand, there's a new one after that to go, this would mean a bumper issue!!! If we get some games in , there may even be some pictures (so I don't have to rely on old ones of Russ belting 6's and 2nd teamers walking discontentedly back from the wicket)




I don't think I can cope with this!!!
I think I'll have to resign from everything and put my efforts into doing what I do best - painting the fence (or just sitting on it).
Please feel free to comment if you feel this is/isn't/may be appropriate to post on this site. If not you can phone me or email me or just..............;)
By the way, I can stay for all the game on Sunday.

Happier times


It's Cliff's birthday on Sunday .... ;-)


I dont think it is a Private matter for the "Selection Comitee"!!! Matt Abblett was a mate of everyone at the club. Im sure people would notice the fact that Abbers has left when he continuously isnt playing for either 1sts or 2nds. It is also only right that people who play for the club are aware as to who is Vice-Captain for the 2nds.

This matter does involve players at the club. Why should it just be a "comittee matter"???

as i put above, Abbers was mates with everyone at the club and we have a right to know that he has left the club. Im sorry but its time players at the club were told things like this. The club is about the players NOT just the comittee

It certainly looks that way paul!

Paranoia, Paranoia!

I'm removing this post as I've been notified that Matt's resignation was a private matter and he did not wish it discussed. Out of respect for Matt I think it best to remove the speculation. However I'm not editing anyone else's posts, while I might be more tech-savvy than a few users I'm certainly not turning into Big Brother*

* unless I can find that bloke Shabaz or whatever and give him a good smack ;-)

As an aside though, I do feel that we should be able to discuss anything on this site - it's not owned or run by the club, but by an external organisation, though I do agree about the sensitivity of certain subjects ... and I hardly think that anyone "world wide" could give a damn about what we do!

Again, again

Smifffy - these matters are, I feel, once again, better deliberated within the confines of our elected selection committee - I will tel tonight to sort it out.
Please can everyone concerned please be aware of the nature of the world wide web - it is world wide.

Fight, fight

CDO, the fact that cotters was leaving early was not the only reason he was put in the seconds. He needs to make a 2's appearance before our cup game (next weekend) so that he can be involved. Please bare this in mind when you have your discussion with Digger.


Cotters - you told Richard that it was Saturday you had to leave by 6 - that is why you were put in the 2's - FFS!!! Will speak to Dasher tonight and let you know - could really do with you both games.
Danny - I do not want to enter into a conversation with you on the blog site - please either tel or email me.


Don't bite KC!!

I'm just making sure that you knowI have to leave early on sunday. I didn't realise that the cup game was away. I need to be at the Lowry by 7/7.30. So i'd have to leave around 5.30 6ish so I can get changed and get there.

If you want someone to take my place let me know.



Wheres there been a breakdown in communication???


Smifffy - thank you for blogging 2nd team - I do think that this is a good idea to put on the Club site and not on the 2nd team site only - obvious breakdown in communication can occur - can't it Danny!!!!!
1st team - Saturday - away -v- Failsworth Macedonia
M. Deegan
K. Coe
R. Brooks
C. Brooks
N. Butterworth
A. Parkinson
C. Parkinson
S. Pilkington
R. Peacock
P. Skundric
S. Smith

1st Team - Sunday Cup - Away -v- Rochadale CC
M. Deegan
K. Coe
R. Brooks
C. Brooks
D. Phillips
C. Parkinson
P. Skundric
N. Hudson
P. Meehan
S. Pilkington
M. Cotton

Both games - meet Robin Hood 12.45pm

Second team selection

At home to Failsworth Macedonia - meet at the ground at 1.00pm please

A Smith
M Ainscoe
M Jones
P Yates
S Hunter
C Payton
N Hodson
N Fletcher
B Hope
M Cotton
D Moriarty

12th Man
P McManus

Tuesday, May 23


How much do i owe?

Merchadise - Bring ya Cash

Our new kit is now ready for me to collect, and will be available from me this weekend.

For those who ordered please bring your money if you want to take your goods.

I will also have the 20 20 kit with me which has now been embroidered, and again only those who have paid up will be given their full kit.
This is really not the forum to be speculating on what may or may not have happened. Doc P, ask CDO or other committe members when you next see or speak to them. this really isn't a web chat site topic


cdo - avail sat not sun as on hols for a week in tunisia

Young Jedi

Its due to him been dropped last week i think

Monday, May 22

what do you do?

Ashley Parkinson - was that the lad who was good in the field - 3rd change No.10? Isnt it Glodwick in a couple of weeks?
Failsworth Sat.
Rochdale Catholic Club Cup Sunday.
Both away - will take your availability to selection (great news!).

New Player

might be available from this weekend onwards,
who and where are we playing? paul can you give
cdo my personal email address and ask him to mail
me his phone number.




2 games this weekend for 1st team - please let me know both/one/none.

Friday, May 19


smiffy - can you tel me tonight - I have the 11th man - so OK

Wednesday, May 17


1st Team - v - Elton Vale Home 20/05/06
K. Coe
C. Brooks
N. Butterworth
N. Hudson
P. Meehan
P. Skundric
S. Smith
M. Cotton
S. Pilkington
R. Peacock
C. Parkinson
As early as poss at the ground - will be lots to do!

Tuesday, May 16


Will there be nets tonight?

Monday, May 15

come on!

Great win Saturday boys - really well deserved for two people - Dasher in the runs and Cotters bowling/fielding. Also Clive sneaking the two fielding points - getting used to the dutch gloves?
NOTE - there is a meeting booked for tomorrow night either at the Royal (Rain) or after nets at Club for 20 / 20. Don't know whether its best to keep it to 3 Amigos and delegate from meeting - or have as many people at meeting as poss. We need a big effort on this as we attempt to bring off same as last year without the huge contribution of the Duckies (and probably worse weather). 20 / 20 is June 18th - so 5 weeks away! We are hosting Walshaw and Woodbank (gulp!).

Wednesday, May 10

selection - 1sts

Ist Team - away -v- East Lancs Paper Mill - go straight there - for 1.20pm
M. Deegan
K. Coe
C. Brooks
R. Brooks
N. Butterworth
R. Peacock
D. Phillips
M. Cotton
C. Parkinson
P. Skundric
S. Smith

Tuesday, May 9


The weather looks OK so it would be good to see a few down at the ground.
All the best on your Big Day Ducky.

Monday, May 8

howd'y partners

Hey you all, sounds like a great win on sunday, hope you all are doing well!! I join the married rank's on the 20th May so that will mean less drinking and less women for me ( not ) I am coming home in june for a couple of weeks in june so I'm looking forward to getting a couple of games in. Baseball just ain't the same as the hallowed game. I'm not just missing the game but the Stella after the game Bud light just dosn't match up, knowing my luck it will be fine all week then rain all weekend, Also were having a Wedding Party on the 18th June see my mum for details, Kick some butt at the weekend guys, I'll be checking the results like i do every week.


er, Birdy ...

It's not your memory that's atrocious, it's your arse - and your spelling ;-)

Great win yesterday, folks, following on from a terrific batting display on Saturday in the face of some excellent RCC bowling. 207-6 was a very good score in the context. Pity they didn't set us say 230 in 50 overs, now that would have been very interesting!

Grey Big eared one!!!

I was just thinking cheeky 'bar steward' - until realising that my memory's attrocious.

aching but chuffed

Would have been harder to put up with aching leg if we had not won yesterday - can I say what a good team performance it was - keeping them to 186 after the start they had then knocking them off in the mud - one of the best wins during my time at Totty. Unfortunately no fines this weekend - but like the grey, big eared one - I never forget (esp - Clive's run out, Richard 'watching' us at Rochdale CC, Russ's trumpy arse, Pilky's explanation of fielding on the boundary, plenty of pain showing, dirty whites, etc, etc).

Friday, May 5

1st teams selection

Saturday 6th May - Home -v- RCC
M. Deegan
K. Coe
C. Brooks
R. Brooks
P. Skundric
S. Smith
N. Butterworth
D. Phillips
C. Parkinson
P. Meehan
M. Cotton
Sunday 7th May - Home -v- Springhead
M. Deegan
K. Coe
C. Brooks
R. Brooks
P. Skundric
S. Smith
N. Butterworth
D. Phillips
C. Parkinson
R. Peacock
A. Smith

Wednesday, May 3

20/20 Kit

As I was not part of Hot Totty last year would I be able to purchase a kit for this years tournament still?

Also, available this weekend


I'm available for Saturday only

Tuesday, May 2


1st team 2 games - I need your availability to me no later than Thursday at nets. 2pm start for both games.
Nic - we salvaged 1 point chasing 215 (180ish for 9) - Doc batted well again for 46(?) Skunners 38 and Clive 28(?). Should have done better after huge efforts in the field to restrict them to what I felt was getable at half time.
Doc P - no problem for a lift - just email me your address.

How did it go?

Hi all how did the 1st go on at the weekend?

Big bird when do you want the money for new kit?

Smiffffffy i'm not available for saturday but might be on sunday for the 1st if they have a game and if they are desperate for players!!!!!!!

Weekend selection and nets

Hi all,

Weekend selection.

I am definitely ok to play Saturday.
I would also like to be selected for Sunday although there's about a 50% chance I will need to cry off. BUT at this stage I'd rather be selected and a reserve named, if that's agreeable to the selection committee?

In a related note, is anyone able to pick me up for nets on Thursday? I am car-less for the week!

URGENT - Coloured 20 / 20 shirts

Anyone wishing to have the club crest applied to their 20 20 tops must have them to me by no later than Sunday 7th May.

Please let either myself or Kieran have them at nets on Thursday, or failing that at the weekend matches. Don't forget to write your initials / name on the label to ensure that you receive the correct one back again.

I have arranged to drop them off at Surridge on Monday 8th, which will give them just enough time to process them in time for this years competition in June.

All other merchandise ordered will arrive in approx 3 weeks time.

20 / 20 Coloured Clothing - URGENT

Anyone who wishes to have the club crest applied to their 20 / 20 shirts must have them to me by 7th May. I have arranged to drop them into Surridge on Monday 8th in order for them to be processed and returned in time for this years competition.

Please therefore let either Kieron or Me have the shirts at nets on Thursday, or failing that at the matches this weekend. (Will someone collect for the seconds and drop them off at the Robin afterwards?)

Please make sure that your name is written clearly onto the garment label.

I have placed the order now for the other merchandise, and have been advised that it will be with us in approx 3 weeks time. Good news is that the prices I quoted are correct and in fact some of the prices may even end up being slightly cheaper.