Thursday, December 28


Well, now that's sorted out, can we all agree on a new topic of conversation for the next few months?
By the way, I think the 6 which was credited to Mick Jones actulaay belongs to Andy Smith. Not that it makes any overall difference....

2nd XI averages

For all those that are interested I have rechecked the averages and yes there was a small mistake. I had given Nick 2 of Dan's wickets. It make no difference to the overall situation and in fact gives Matt a wider winning margin.

Just for the record Cup matches don't count!!

I have asked for the website to be updated with the new figures.


Tuesday, December 26

bbbbbrrrrrrrrr P...PPP.....Paul....I'm
your...w...wr...wr...write up f...f...f..f..f..f.for...the

Great fun!

Well that was tremendous fun. We finished at 2pm and I think I'm just starting to thaw out now, 3 hours later.

For the record, TSJ totalled 96 for 11(!) off 22 overs, having at one stage been about 40 off 5! The artificial wicket was one of those very low bouncing ones, so it was ideal for the dibbly dobblies - and indeed anyone who bowled straight! The total was not bad under the circumstances! Good work from all in the perishing cold.

We got off to a dream start as the unlikely opening pair of Cotters - bowling perhaps his most inspired 2 overs of the year - and Dasher had the Brox 3 down in moments. Another soon followed and the home side were up against it at 5-4 off 5 overs. Julian Marcroft played a good knock for Brox, but wickets continued to fall until eventually it came down to 20 to win off 5 overs. Matt Hunt then took 2 in 2 balls before bowling possibly the worst hat-trick ball in history, a beamer that Pete took at full stretch!

Another wicket went down, and Brox were 9 down needing 4 off the last over. Despite the valiant efforts of Dickie P, who must have been the most nervous man in Lancashire, Ashcroft kept his nerve to hit the winning runs and nick the MOM award.

A great afternoon's fun, some very good cricket played - especially considering a) the cold, b) the 3/4 months since we've picked up bat or ball and c) the cold! Plus it looks like we've made upwards of a GRAND.


Saturday, December 23


PLEASE REMEMBER that Christmas is NOT a time for over eating, heavy drinking or arguing about how many wickets you got last season. It is a time to celebrate and give praise to our Lord who sent his son to save all sinners - get down on your knees - NOW!!!!

see you on Boxing Day for some non-alcoholic mulled wine and carol singing around some frozen stumps

Friday, December 22

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone in TSJ land. I'm off to the boozer for some well earned power drinking. See you all on Boxing Day.

Greatest Catch Ever?

Quality catch but......ouch!!!

Thursday, December 21


'craig' (what on earth is he doing?) - Danny this is the only way you'll get em to give lbws in this league.

Funniest comeback ever?

I have only just discovered this, and it's a belter. To set the scene, Indian batsman Sreenath had copped an absolute mouthful from South Africa's quickie Andre Nel the previous ball (Nel's not renowned for his subtlety). This is Sreenath's response:


"who ordered the extra stump?"
"Three!?!?!?!? There shud [sic :)] be at least 6 (and that was even after Broadway!!!"


"Look fellas, is anyone putting this in the scorebook?"

"Even Ingemar Stenmark couldn't slalom through THAT"

xmas caption competition

prize of half a bottle of mulled wine to be awarded to best caption at the Boxing Day tribute match.
Here's mine for starters...

Mick J: Danny - is this one of your missing wickets???

Wednesday, December 20

good work fella!

Did you sell them all in your Kimono? Duncan was REALLY turned on......


I've managed to get rid of 20 (somebody actually bought 2!!)
...although I'm sure I sold 25...

Tuesday, December 19

Programme Sales!

How's everyone getting on with the programme sales? Thanks mainly to Duncan and Kieran we're pushing a grand already, so come on, let's make sure we make our club a good amount of money that'll help secure our future.

Remember that without initiatives and this sort of hard work, we wouldn't have a club to play for, so please all do your best!

er, hello?

Dan, are you incapable of following simple instructions? Can you sort this out with Clive - it has no business being aired on this site, it's nothing to do with the rest of us.

In other news ... we're playing cricket this time next week!!!! ;-)


Wudnt mind too much if it was one wicket!!! But this is 5/6!!!

I'm sorry but its getting to the stage of a farce! I checked the scorebook after every game, there was one mistake wicket wise, and that was matt cotton had 15 with pilky losing one, ALL my wickets where correct as of the score book, I did the averages with about 3 games to go and i had 10 wickets! Where have them 4 gone??? Nick Fletchers total has made a rise from 12 to 15 with no games been played, Either someone cant read/The scorebook has been fiddled with/Looking at last seasons scorebook for mine and nicks average, Either way I do not care. i Shudnt be losing wickets!!!

Monday, December 18


and I'm claiming Belly's wicket again too cos he was dropped off me, ya ripper.

Mike - genius!

Imagine the scene... the Aussie dressing room.

WARNE: 699?!?!? 699?!?!?! I'm sure I've got 700!!!! Get me the scorebook!!!!

Friday, December 15

Praise the lord!

Amen to that!

'Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la la
La la la lahhhhh

Can I just remind everyone that Christmas is a time for peace, love, understanding and goodwill to all men. Remember, there is a brighter treasure to be found in Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Please can I borrow the scorebook please??

Ta Dan

Thursday, December 14

Chrimbo Pressies?

I still have the following clothing available - if anyone wishes to purchase please blog - they will be sold on a strictly first come first served basis

Training tee shirt (excellent thermal properties!) 1 large, 2 Xtra large

Rain (or Snow) Jackets 2 Xtra Large

Prices are a bargain £11 for the tee shirts and £22 for the jackets.

are you in the private sector?

Matt - we have gone to print on programmes - sold all advertising we could and - as the goose is getting pretty much obese - will be distributing soon - I will get some to you to sell - is all you have to do.


thanks for clearing that up kc, still plodding along with programme sales but no luck on advertising yet, however a couple of old bosses yet to badger about it!!

What were the advertising prices again?


Selection - I have made a decision (yes, I know, I cannot really make decisions on my own - but I assure you it is not part of my global intention of taking over the world! ha ha ha! - evil laugh). Because of several not so certain availabilities - ie some people cannot tell me whether they are or are not - I have included a squad in the programme - sorry to everyone - but it is easier for me to keep 13/14 people interested than to pick 11 and 3 drop out the day before, leaving me to search for players at Christmas. Matt - you will get a game - if I have to give you my colours myself - so please focus on where/who the programmes are going to be sold to - merry christmas!
PS - Danny I thought I has more runs too - perhaps they came off me pads?

Good god Danny!!!

Well then maybe, just maybe, it might be better having a word with Clive then Danny as against spitting your dummy out in front of everyone here!

Oh and any news on squad selection for twenty20?


Yes they do!!! I has 11 wickets IN the score book last time i counted

Oh my god ...


I will try and point this out simply. The averages are compiled from the scorebooks. If the scorebooks are wrong, whose fault is that other than whoever wrote them??? It's certainly not Clive's fault as he has nothing to work on other than the books. Rather than publicly - and embarrassingly - harping on about it here when there's pretty much bugger all any of us can do about it, why don't you get in touch with Clive and sort this out? Doesn't anyone actually check the scorebook/end of match card before it's signed off?

Several people wrong then!!!

Several people are wrong then!!! Cant blame scorers!


Pick Monty - 5 wickets, Aussies destroyed, England closing in ...


I 'm with you Paul.....if its in the book well it MUST be ture!!

Wednesday, December 13

OK, enough now.


The averages have been produced by Clive from the 2nd team scorebooks - and checked several times by more than 1 person - so I suggest if you have an issue you take it up with whoever did the scoring! You do know the season ended 3 months ago, don't you? ;-)

1 wicket in 3 months?

Wouldn't surprise me dan!!

DOnt get too excited nick

Nick You took 12 wickets last season to my 11.

Dont know where these averages have come from but they are bollox!!! I had 5 wickets after the broadway theres no way i only took one wicket in 3 months!!!

Buy one, get one free!

Ecky! Peng!

Don't think he needs any winding up, Nic!

Tuesday, December 12

Leading wicket taker hey!

well would you believeit hey Danny? toppin the wicket tally!

if you took away the nightmare of Broadway it might have not been to bad a season with the ball.

least said about the bat the better!!!!!!!


I'm not available on thursday.

team selection

The team will be selected tonight by selection committee
M. Deegan
P. Meehan
A. Parkinson
R. Peacock
P. Skundric
K. Coe
P. McManus
M. Hunt
M. Jones
D. Phillips
N. Butterworth
N. Fletcher
P. Allen
M. Cotton
If anyone is not mentioned here who is available (hands up all those not here!) please make yourself known to me - Russ - you are not playing due to negative correlation between your back and climatic conditions
obviously 14 is 3 too many and anyone not selected would be EXPECTED to turn up as they are now transparently available!
Looks like a bloody good side to me......

Monday, December 11

Ah, missing wickets ...

There's one of 'em right here!

Joking right???

6 wickets????? i got 11!!! Nick didnt get 15!!!

2nd XI averages

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the 2nd XI averages are now available via a linky on the right ...

Friday, December 8


I thought it was more like Cub football!

Whites did play well but we were terrible.

Can I just say ...

That was a blooming AWESOME game of football last night.

Thursday, December 7

Clothing Ban

20 programmes, Mike?


...Hot Totty 20/20 shirt, sleeveless sweater (great for winter!) plus cap. Size medium, hardly worn, lovely condition, one careful owner, would be an ideal Xmas gift for anyone wanting to play cricket during the festive period. Apply

Tuesday, December 5

That's great!

£1 - now only 19 more to go - keep up the good work!


I'll buy a programme, will probably nip down in morning watch a bit. out in afternoon.


no problems - Matt - thanks for your support
Kit - there will be enough floating about - don't worry!

Keep your F'in hair on

no worries about selling 20 KC will sort that minimum, and having a word with a couple of people tonight in bury about sponsorship, surprisingly its rather hard to drum up much enthusiasm from sheffield steel workers to take out sponsorship but i'll keep trying to wear down their resistance

was merely trying to get a bit more info on the day that was all and raise the issue of kits so that half of us dont end up in proper kit and the rest in blue t-shirts

I'll knit you an F'ing kit

Matt - would rather you be conversing about the number of adverts you have sold for the programme and/or number of programmes you have sold - kit and selection are very small potatoes at this stage!
In other words if you fill the programme with advertising I will knit you a gold lined kit with my very own hands!

Selection & Kits

Any idea on when annoucements are to be made as to the final eleven for the 20/20.

Also any more thought for supplying kits to those who dont have 20/20 gear (if selected). Spoke to Russ the other day and he suspects he only has small kits left knocking about.

Boxing Day

Thought you were talking about my dandruff, Paul!
Hopefully everyone is talking about boxing day and selling programmes at £1 each - don't want anyone pulling faces at me when I ask for £20 - we all should be able to sell 20 at £1 - if you do not know 20 people you need to get out more - also - if you do not sell 20 you will still be paying me £20 - so get out there, talk it up and sell the programme!!!!!
Anyone interested in advertising? Please contact me.

Big white flakes ...

I wish it would snow in Australia! Bloody hell ...

Friday, December 1

All weather track

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

Boxing Day - Cricket?

Yep, well up for that. Can imagine the
fun if the pitch is frozen!!

Booze for me

I prefer a nice pint to be honest but over the festive period anything will do!

Booze for Cotters