Tuesday, February 27

here we go again...

bloody hell nick - just what exactly is "bowling on the slop"? - just your thinly disguised comment on the state of the pitch at Brooksbottoms??? Would have thought that the Meadows would have been a little sloppy around that time of the year?? Mind you if Cotters has defected, then the race for the 2's bowling averages should hot up nicely!!!

Do i need to bring owt?


do you need us to bring anything saturday morning, other than ourselves?
i can be down for 9ish if you like but gotta be going by 11.00 .

Dr P tells me cotters has jumped ship to join Brooksbottoms. We i'll miss him for sure and wish him all the best! what was it cotters you like bowling on the slop? i know you seem to like it on boxing day.

All the best fella

Tuesday, February 20


Hi all,

A date for pre-season groundwork has been set. Saturday March 3rd - that's a week on Saturday - from 10am onwards. PLEASE can we have as many people down as possible, even if you can only spare half an hour. Please don't leave it to the usual half dozen. There is tons to be done, inside and outside the pavilion, on the pitches, sheds, clearing out, cleaning etc etc etc. Plus you might get to see Clive fall off a ladder. It happens occasionally.

Monday, February 19

2007 Fixtures

Chaps, the fixtures for the upcoming season are now available!

Wednesday, February 14


Hey Pete!!
I'll copy your post for the newsletter just for those Luddites who don't blog or read the blogs. And don't believe it about Danny's wickets... you don't know HALF the story of Danny 'passthe scorebook' Moriarty!! When it comes to personal cricket stats, his memory is better than Paul Meehans!!!!


Hi Everyone

Sunny Indianapolis calling. ( okay I lie snowy indianapolis nearly 2ft of the stuff never going to complain about the British weather again ) Hope you all are doing well !! I've been real busy over the past few months moved into a new house so most of you know what thats like, watching alot of American football Indianapolis colts SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS, sorry I guess Frankie will be the only one who knows what I'm going on about, so as you can imagine being manager of a sports bar it's been crazy, I carn't lie I don't half miss my Cricket. Maybe I might get to come over and have a game if not this season then next ( if you guys will still have me ) I know most of you won't belive this I'm prety much a T - Total now adays ( married life can do that to you) or is it th other way round. One game I've always wanted to play in is the boxing day game at brox's you had to wait till I'm the other side of the pond, sounds like you guys had fun. I'm not to sure you guy know or not and if you don't, don't drop dead Duckys a Dad. Clarissa Rose Duckworth was born on January 31st weighing in at 7lb 3oz. Jennifer and Clarissa are both doing great. Carn't wait to see how you guys do this season I'll be checking every week so go kick some ass!!!!

Speak to you all soon


P.S. Danny I find it hard to belive you took any wickets last year I need to see the scorebook. ha ha

Tuesday, February 13

Just the facts, ma'am!

Oh Cliff, that was such an information-filled post. Where's the romance? Think Byron, Shelley, Keats. Where are the flowery descriptions, the breathless murmur of new opportunities and the sweeping passions of life beyond the boundary rope(s). Your audience awaits ... *

* no, I've not been drinking.

Pre-Season Stuff

The next committee meeting will be held on Monday 19th Feb from 8pm at the Royal Hotel.

The AGM is likely to be on Monday 19th March. Venue tba

Indoor nets commence on Thursday 5th April at Castlebrook HS between 8pm & 10pm.

Fixtures will be available later this week.

Cup draws- Calverley Cup 1st Rnd - ELPM Away, 2nd Rnd Westleigh or Roch Cath Club Home
Stokes Cup 1st Rnd - Elton Away, 2nd Rnd ELPM or Saddleworth Away

Sunday, February 11

Nice pictures...

'Scanning them in for use elsewhere' OBVIOUSLY means 'put these in the next newsletter'.
Thanks very much Paul, that's the cover sorted, now just need to let Kieran have the NEXT newsletter at least 4 weeks before it's due out!!!!

Thursday, February 8

Welcome Back

Welcome Back Craig

So you did have hair!!!

Nice pictures Paul.

Tonights football WILL go ahead irrespective of whatever the weather throws at us today. Please make every effort to attend if the weather is poor.

One change to last week (in an attempt to balance the sides and as discussed and agreed with Dickie) - Liam over to the Whites and Craig back where he belongs.

See you all tonight - hopefully.

Wednesday, February 7

Pics of the good old days ...

Was just scanning in some old photos for use elsewhere and came across these beauties!

Young cricketer, 1983 ...

With my all time hero, 1995 ...

Big Bird and the Doc, 1992 ...

The greatest ever TSJ opening combination, 1995!

Tuesday, February 6


what did I say?