Tuesday, January 31


You've done 83 words already.....
Seriously, though - if you want to have a stab I will edit / add my bit and red line

Monday, January 30

The ultimate club make over!

i've just been flickin' through Wisden cricketer mag and there is a competition for your club to receive a make over. this includes practise facilities such as an artificial pitch and bowling machine, also kit from slazenger and coaching from one of the sky sports commentors (bumble knowin' our luck!!).
anyway, what they need from us is a 400 word account of why we need help to improve our club, on and off the field.
any volunteers?

Monday, January 23



What does "two star dollar and at" the whites!! mean? ;-) Sounds like some bizarre American hotel classification system.

e.g. the Amarillo Motor Lodge, 2 star ranking, costs a dollar a night, hat provided!

**$&@!! the whites

Saturday, January 21

The Double!!

Come on you Whites !!!!

Monday, January 16

Committee Meeting

The next meeting will be held next Tuesday (24th Jan) at the Royal Hotel from 8pm.
I have not received any Club Development Questionaires back from any members yet. Please all send them back ASAP to 101 Bury Road, Tottington, BURY BL8 3EU. Otherwise it should be a quick meeting.

I'm Back


It all seems a little quiet out there. Just got back from New York, what a place. Its a bit large I can tell you.

Nick saw an interesting T Shirt at your Mum and Dads house on saturday night, very nice indeed!

Friday, January 6


Nick - why...what....who...when....where....how....?????/

Quick note to CDO

cdo, who have you been givin your arse to? was on the works do to cannel street?

Rod deployed, worm ready.............

Thursday, January 5

New Recruit?


Couple of weeks ago I bumped into an ex Elton valer, one of their decent Asian contingent who left last season. I can't recall his name, think we knew him as Tan or Tanny? Bowls and bats, good hitter etc. Told me he wants to come and play so I said look out for announcements in BT about nets and player recruitment.

Suggest we get an ad or note in there soonish! He'd be a belting new acquisition!

Wednesday, January 4

Lets Get in them Nets Then!

Well lets get in those nets then!! All this test cricket on sky is gettin me in the mood ;-)
Looking at the final places of both teams in the league we could do with hitting the ground running this year. Perhaps we could start earlier this year but maybe every other week, alternating with the fiver siders? Then every week as the season comes into view?

spring is in the air!

Happy New Year Everyone! Get your bats (and backs!) oiled for the new season - that first game will be on us pdq now that we have got Christmas out of the way (A time for giving - my arse!).

Belated New Year Greetings..

A belated Happy New Year to you all and i trust you enjoyed it in true Totty Style.
Congratulations on all with new arrivals - must be something in the Clubhouse water.
Cheers for sending the newsletter out - it was hilarious and sombody seemingly has missed out on their journalistic leanings.
CDO - i owe you a fiver and apologies for missing the race night - i completely forgot - must have been the effects of too much sun.
Take care all and see you down atthe nets whenever they may be..

Tuesday, January 3

5-a-side resumes

Teams for Thursday


Liam (TBC)


M Ainscoe
Craig (TBC)